In  Sissification of a Friend (part 1), I shared that I took a long-time guy friend with NO desires for feminization or sissification and was determined to make him my sissy slut for the evening. It ended with:

I gestured with my hand, showing him the array of prettiness laying on the bed. His face turned white with fear and I clapped and laughed and our friends laughed, too.

“You’re going to be my sissy bitch tonight!”

He tried to stammer a protest and I lowered my voice sternly saying, “Don’t you remember when we were shopping for my panties a few years ago and you said you wondered what they felt like? Well, now’s your chance, miss priss.” as I held out the lovely party-pink panties with black lace and 2 bows on the back. I told him the bows were to highlight his sissy ass. Everyone howled as I helped him into his panties.


Sissification of My Friend

I was not going to stop at panties. No way. I wanted him dressed like a sweet sissy slut. Having years to plan allowed me all kinds of information, learning his size of clothes (“Let’s go shopping together! What size jeans should I bring you?”), his shoe size and even watched to see what colors looked good on him. Sadly, pink was not a good color for him (except his panties, of course), but black was!

In front of all the folks at the Party, I had him stand like a mannequin, arms outstretched, legs apart (easier access)….

blinking, looking around

Ummmm… there used to be more here.

M’thinks the Net Gods stole my words and this post now is unfinished!

Good thing I went on to finish it in:

Sissification of a Friend (Finale!)