Sissification of a Friend (Part 1)

Sissification of a Friend (Part 2)

And now the Finale!

…I had my friend’s arms outstretched and began dressing him.

He kept trying to move instead of standing still, trying to leave the room. Everyone coached him as I got him dressed.

“Purse your lips!”

“Push your hips out.”

“Wiggle your ass!”

And I had to ask everyone to wait until I was finished, then we would have him model for us. I swear, as embarrassed as he already was, he turned 3 shades deeper red. I just laughed.

On went the bra with DD breast forms.


Then a garter belt. Putting the stockings on him was a chore because I had to keep telling him to point his toes for me. (And you know, men do not grow up pointing their toes like sissies do!) Once I got the black stockings up with only one small run in them, I attached them to the garter belt. Already, SHE looked yummy. (One simply cannot call someone with DD tits a “he” anymore!)

Making a Sissy

Then it was time for the tight, tight, 2 sizes too small, stretchy black dress. She balked and bitched and moaned and I had to keep telling her to shut her mouth already. Clearly there was no going back. Once I had that ultra-snug dress on her (that showed the bottom of her pretty panties!), I pulled out her heels. I kept them a lower height of 3-inches so she didn’t end up with crutches at the end of the evening, but even still, she told me she had never ever put on a pair of heels ever, even as a kid. I told her, “Today’s your day!”

A girlfriend and I helped my new sissy into the bathroom where we sat her down in front of the mirror and trashed up her face deliciously. Red cheeks (“since you’re so embarrassed already,” I said), dark liquid eyeliner, smudgie brown and gold eyes, false eyelashes (yes, I even brought false eyelashes!) and to top it all off; whore red lipstick.

Flaunting a Sissy

After she was dressed, I held her hand as she tromped (literally clunked) around the hotel rooms until she had her sea legs (heel-legs?) and could let go of the rope and allow her to wander alone. It was not long before she was swishing and swaying her hips, toasting the party-goers with her champagne glass and holding model-like poses for the different groups of naked people having sex.

Next time?

Alllll night long, I made references to my very straight male friend dressed to the sissy slut nines learning to suck cock. She was horrified every time. “No no no no no! I can’t do that!” I alluded to the idea that next time we got her dressed, she would, most definitely really be my sissy slut.

And suck that dick for me.