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Are you a high heels fetishist?

I love high heels!

You, too?

I started wearing high heels when I was very young, wearing my mom’s first, then finally got my own in junior high. Not quite as high as I wear nowadays, of course, but relatively high for a middle-schooler.

An amusing anecdote: When I got my first pair of wedgie shoes, I climbed on a wall by my house and stupidly jumped OFF the wall in my shoes. Of course, I turned my ankle and ended up on crutches for several weeks. Amazing I did not break it!

Don’t Jump Off Walls in High Heels!

Instead, prance around your house in your stilettos! Do not practice on carpet at first! Eek! Tromp around in the kitchen if that is the only non-carpeted space, but if you can clack around the house, all the better.

Model in front of the mirror. Look how beautiful your calves look, how long your leg looks. SEXY!

How do YOU practice wearing high heels? Do you love your feet in them as much as I do? Sure, they hurt like hell, but damn, small price beauty!