Look here!

I got some new hospital beds that are kinky as fuck and I am needing some people to come play with me!

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virtual world

I get extra naughty in our Virtual World.

Your face would be where the heart is. Wouldn’t that be fun?

What about this position?

Probably never thought you’d see a Mistress in such a compromising position, did you? Remember just how kinky I am… and how much I love sucking dick!


Imagine us taking turns being on top!

There are 297 more positions possible, too!

We could get into a LOT of trouble in 300 positions!

And what if we were both…


snicker giggle

Toss in a slew of dildos, strapons, vibrators, glory holes, prep for anal sex, BDSM toys, ropes, bondage equipment, sissy shopping, feminization, paddles, floggers, crops, spankings, face sitting, foot worship, pole dancing, medical annual exams…


Does that make you want to come play with me in our wonderful Virtual World?

Come check us out!