A few days ago, I watched one of my clients take the ultimate challenge after he saved months of cum to eat for me on Skype. He fucking WON that Cum-Eating Challenge by downing…

130 ML of cum!

For the math-impaired like me, that is 1/2 a cup of cum.

If you’re thinking, “That isn’t that much cum,” go fill half a cuMind you, an average amount of cum in an ejaculation is a 1.25 ml to about 5 ml. By his count, he had 80 ejaculations for this delicious endeavor. 

Good thing he’s a committed straight cock sucker and always swallows the cum that enters his mouth. If he wasn’t, it would have been a MUCH bigger challenge, for sure. But he would have done it. He’s a good little (BIG DICK) subbie!

But still, 130 milliliters?!?! Sheesh! If I hadn’t seen it for myself in Skype, I would never have believed it. But, alas, I did. swoon

Cum Eating Challenge Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

The Cum-Eating Set Up

My Guy (we’ll call him Guy, the Straight Cocksucker & Cum Eating Slut) told me he was saving up his cum about 60 cum shots in. I had no idea he was doing that, but was dee-LIGHT-ed that he was!

You see, I absolutely get OFF when guys and gals eat their cum. I mean, like really get off. I totally masturbate after a call like that, so every time Guy had eaten his cum before, I would clap and squeal with joy. He works hard to make me squeal, let me tell you.

He is the most manly man I know who sucks dick. That’s what makes it so fun is no one would ever clock him as a faggot (a word he LOVES to be called). When I asked Gut to wear panties, he quietly obliged, knowing how much he pleases me when he obeys a command. I never thought he would do it, but he did! Not only wear panties, but also got some naughty panties that said things like “Sissy Slut” and “Fuck Me” on the bootie. Alas, they worked!

He began eating loads (pun intended) of cum and having a blast when he replayed things for me, always waiting for our call before he came. I had Guy eat it, so if I had known he had a savings plan going, I would have had him deposit it in the cum tub he had going and he would have had even more to swallow for me. Damn!

Prep for the Call & Cum-Eating Challenge

When we connected in Skype, he was sitting there, naked, with his yummy big cock ready to offer even more cum. I did not tell him anything about how we were going to do this which turned out fine because he had everything at the ready.

The bowl of cum had been melted, although there was still a bit of iced-cum melting. He’d stored it really well! He had a towel with him. Surprising me, he’d bought a cum-squirting dildo! That was certainly a squeal right there.

Cum Eating Challenge Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

When I asked if he had a syringe to put the cum inside the cock, he held up a 100 ML Syringe.

Cum Eating Challenge Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

I am sure my eyes were bugging out of my head seeing how giant the syringe was. How much did he think he was going to eat? We would soon find out!

10ml to 50ml

I started with 10ml, not knowing just how much he would be able to take without gagging. Now mind you, Guy has swallowed a LOT of cum in his days, so eating a few loads was nothing new. He sucked up the cum in the syringe with an IV tube attached and then readied the tubing into that cum-ready empty dildo. He put the dildo in his mouth and pressed the syringe, shooting the 10ml into his mouth.

Too easy. Up we went to 20ml. Still too easy. Now I was on a mission to see how much he could do at a time before begging me to stop. I asked how he was doing and he would say, “More, Mistress.” So more it was!

I got serious and said, “Draw up 50ml.” He did as I asked. He looked at me funny and said, “That’s a lot, Mistress.” Um… yeah, I could see that. But dutiful as he is, he put the dildo in his mouth and squirted the 50ml into it and then gulped all that cum down.

I was giddy now. He was so fucking obedient, I was getting high from the Top energy, and quite turned on, by his delicious antics.

50ml left in the bowl. We didn’t know that until it was drawn up. We couldn’t have planned it any better. I wasn’t sure if he was looking green or not, but when I asked how he was, he said, “More Mistress.” I laughed loudly and said, “Are you sure?” He said, “Yes, Mistress. But it is a lot of cum.”

I clapped with delight as he drew up the last 50ml into the syringe, took a deep breath, put the dildo in his mouth, then squeezed the syringe into the hole at the end. He did not even take another breath, just took the whole blob o’ cum into his mouth as he sucked that cock.

I was thrilled and am sure I squealed.

A lot.

Cum Eating Challenge Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

Then It Was His Turn

As I replayed the experience for him, and telling him my favorite cum-eating stories of his (and there are a lot to choose from!), he masturbated for me and caught his own ejaculation in his hand and then slurped it up like a kitty-cat.

“Mistress, That Was a LOT of Cum”

In the end, my little cum-eater ate a total of 130ml… a half a cup… of cum. I cannot begin to tell you how proud and impressed I was by what he had just done. I really was quite stunned. The most anyone had ever eaten for me before was 26 loads of cum. No matter who “cums” after, they have some mighty big shoes (er… dildos?) to fill.

Tell me if you could eat this much cum, you cum-eaters. If not, would you do it if your Mistress told you to?

Do you hear that, boys and girls? That’s us Mistresses clearing our throats… so we can tell you, to fill yours!

Cum Eating Challenge Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975