Holy sissy panties, sisters! Guess what Enchantrix Empire is doing from the middle of May through the middle of June? We are having a special celebration just for the sissies, T-girls, crossdressers, and female impersonators (in old-school speak, drag queens!). You know how much we Mistresses love to dress you up, making you pretty, and then watching you strut on the runway, right? If you didn’t, it’s a whole ballgown full. Join us for the 2024 Free Sissy Pageant!

Down below, you will see the awesome prizes we have for the winners, so while the audition activities might seem a bit cumbersome, I promise, it is worth every click of the camera and every keystroke of your manicured fingers.

YOU Are Who We Want!

There are such a variety of folks who dig women thoughts and/or women’s clothes and/or women’s shoes and/or women’s behaviors (even private ones). ALL of you are delicious and deserve the space to show off your wondrous self.

When I say YOU are who we want, I mean it. You do not need to be a traditional Miss America or some Coppertone Babe to be a part of this pageant. We want you to be you! If you’re a fluffy girl or someone who would never “pass” on the street, it doesn’t matter one whit. You still qualify… in many, many ways… but also to be in this FREE Sissy Pageant. You are invited even if you do not have anything sissy or slutty to wear. We know that many gals don’t have the privacy to dress or put makeup on. So what! That doesn’t make you any less of a girlie girl. Throw on one of your white button down work shirts and prance around like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

How Do I Join In on the 2024 FREE Sissy Pageant?

There are 5 steps to get you enrolled in our not-in-person Girlie Sissy Pageant. As you read through, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments or email me at Daphne@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

  1. Get yourself an account on our Enchantrix Empire social network here: https://enchantrixempire.com/enchantsocial/
  2. Join the FREE Sissy Pageant Group in EE.
  3. Take 3 pictures of yourself that show off how amazing you are. Please, no using filters or AI to dazzle up the pictures. We want to see the real you!
  4. When you take the pic, we need something that has your EE name on it in 3-inch tall letters (no fancy fonts, please!) next to you somewhere. Tape it on the wall. Write it in magnetic letters on the fridge. Lay it next to you on the bed. Be creative! Wherever you can put it is fine.
  5. You will answer the 4 great questions we have for each contestant. There is no right or wrong answers, these questions are for us to get to know you better. Again, we want to see the real you.

The Glittery Prizes: FREE Phone Sex Minutes!

Not only FREE Phone Sex minutes, but you have access to the Mistress of your choice. How fun will that be?

2nd Runner-Up: 20 FREE Phone Sex Minutes!

1st Runner-up: 30 FREE Phone Sex Minutes!!


How wild are those 2024 Sissy Pageant prizes? I’m willing to bet you’ve already grabbed that camera to take some girlie pics for us Mistresses to take a gander at. I will speak for all of us… we can’t WAIT to see what you come up with in photos and writing. Be as creative as you wish.

The final announcement of the winners will be LIVE in our Community Kink Chatroom on June 28, 2024. Mark your calendars now!

See you in EE soon!