Your guess is as good as mine!

Two of my closest (and sexiest) friends blindfolded me, then “kidnapped” me! They would never hurt me. No worries there… I am 100% safe!

I was driven a couple of hours (I think) to a port where they took off the blindfold and there was an enormous ship in front of me! 

Oh. My. God! I have never been on a cruise so this is going to be crazy fun. 

On the way over, they told me I was their “prisoner” and I would do whatever they wanted me to do. I laughed, reminding them I was a Femdom Mistress now! Both said, “We’ll see about that.” I haven’t been a submissive in almost 20 years, but I must admit, it is kind of fun not making the decisions for a minute.

I have no idea where I am going or how long our cruise is. I am not allowed to ask anyone! They really wanted the mystery to be in full-force, didn’t they? I had to sneak to get on the Internet to write this, so it’s going to be short short. 

Know that I miss you all terribly and am thinking about our calls when they let me masturbate (which they like to watch and direct, of course. POI – Pussy-Off Instructions!). Thank you all for the great fantasy material! I love it!

Okay, I best go before they wake up and see me on the computer.

Love to all and see you when I get back!


Still the Mistress… Daphne!