Do you consider yourself a submissive?
What would you do for a Dominant Woman, submissive man? 


The Dominant Woman/submissive man Dynamic

It’s definitely an interesting experience to place a Dominant woman in the same room with a submissive man. We could, of course, add a sissy or T-Girl in the mix, and if that is you, feel free to place yourself in the scenario.

I find I can spot a subby boy within a few moments of meeting him. If this is you, you are not hiding anything in that tuxedo of yours. I can see right through your James Bond exterior. When you come up to me, whether as a waiter or a gentleman, you instinctively lower your eyes. Even if just for a flash, I can see the deference you offer me. I can almost watch you curtsy, either as a sissy or a macho man, you are in that incredibly subservient position.

How do I react to your eyes lowering for a moment? When you look back up, it is often to my lips, not my eyes, but I bore my eyes right into yours. This forces you to look up and see my amusement at your discomfort. If I reached down and touched your cock through your trousers, I would feel it hardening, wouldn’t I? Cocktease Humiliation is the bomb and is one of my favorite toys.

Submissive men do not stare at women’s breasts. They have too much couth to do that. You are rewarded with not staring at my boobs with a soft smile and a momentary lowering of my own eyes to say, “Thank you for being who you are, sweet boy.”

The Bedroom: Balance is the Key

What about when I am going to mess around with a guy? You all know I am a lesbian and don’t have intercourse with guys, but I do get into big dicks 8.5 inches or larger. Playing with a huge penis is great fun for me. (Yes, even sucking them!) I have a preference for Big Black Cocks or Big Brown Cocks. Sorry Anglo guys, your dicks are almost always too damn small.

Not that I mind playing with you small-dick folks in other ways besides with my pussy. I mean, batting your cocks around with my fingers is kind of fun. So is, um, using a dildo on you? Pinching those nips of yours? How about having you jerk off for me? And there is always the ever popular tease and denial… that’s a particularly fun one to do.

But you’d have to earn the attention from me. I am the Femdom Mistress, after all. You are the lowly subby boy who does whatever it is I ask of you (within reason, of course). I say, “Kneel.” You kneel. I say, “Stroke your cock slowly.” You do exactly that. I say, “Bend over bitch.” You gleefully lean over the computer desk and spread your legs wide.

Pleasing Me is… Pleasing to Me!

Your role is to take care of my needs. If you, as a submissive man, want this Dominant Woman to find happiness and joy, you will do backflips to make that happen. When I can cum from fucking you in the ass, pardon my vulgarity… pegging you… the pleasure really is all mine. You might like it alright, even love it, but it is all about me. That is the joy of playing with a submissive; they are quite aware of who all this fun is for.

His Domme. His Mistress.

Even when we are on a phone sex call with each other, a true submissive knows his place is to entertain me. To make me wet. To give me enough energy to masturbate after the call because what we discussed was so fucking hot, I simply have to have release.

Even when you do not.