OMG! Mistresses Riley, Adeline, Erika, and Harper are hosting a SISSY-ONLY Bingo Game Night! Girls, you canNOT miss out on this!

Sissy Beach Night Bingo Description

It’s been a HOT, HOT Summer, but it’s coming to a close. So girlies, what better way to close out the sizzling hotness of summer with a fun Sissy Beach Bingo Night?!

Bingo night will consist of three games with three awesome prizes. There will also be a consolation prize for all participants that sign-up to join Bingo Night!

Sissy Bingo Night

Where to Go and What to Do

Mistress Riley shares the information and instructions here:

That night, you Sissies will be joining through the Community Kink Chatroom so please sign-up ahead of time with the name you plan to use that night. Also, be prepared to listen to Cock Radio as we play our games. How much fun is this going to be? A fuck–ton!


The Bingo Games

Our Bingo games will consist of a regular game of Bingo, then Four Corners (Google “Four Corners Bingo” for rules), and finally, the big one will be Blackout Bingo (when all the numbers are covered)!



Bingo- Mistress Harper is offering a Sissy Consultation valued at $30! You’ll be able to email with Mistress Harper in depth about your sissy goals, aspirations, dreams, and more, and get Her experienced input into your sissy journey. Advice about clothes and outfits, makeup looks, recommended tutorials for makeup, tucking, and sissy mannerisms, as well as help breaking the news about your new sissy life to your loved ones (if needed). Nothing’s off the table in the Sissy Consultation, so bring all your sissy conundrums and get answers and assistance from one of the premier Sissy Mistresses of LDW!

4 Corners- 15 Minutes of sensual sissy sexting fun with Mistress Erika. No minimum purchase.

Blackout Bingo- 30 Minutes Session With Mistress Riley which can be (Call, Text, or Skype)! Get your best look on and have some fun with Mistress Riley for a whole half an hour no minimum purchase.


How to Participate in Sissy Bingo Night

Each Bingo Card is $25 to purchase and you may purchase up to two cards.

At purchase (link in blue above), please fill out the form for both your chat name and your email address. Your Sissy Bingo Night card/cards will be emailed to you by Mistress Riley once they are assigned to you, along with a symbol sheet, and instructions on how to join the Sissy Bingo Night game.


*A maximum of two cards per person may be purchased.
**No Refunds.

Sissies, join in and WIN!

Sissy Bingo Night