I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what a Foot Fetish is… where it comes from… how it manifests.

Most of us are familiar with some folks’ desire for bare feet, to lick the soles, the heels, the toes. Then there are the foot fetishists who love the feet in stockings. The feel of nylon on their fingers as they play with the tops and bottoms of the covered feet. Of course, there are those who love a foot in shoes… specific kinds of shoes. Whether they are sandals, stiletto heels, boots, Birkenstocks, or wedgies, each style has their foot fan.

I’ll talk about footjobs later, but I have not forgotten that aspect. Believe me!


Variations on the Foot Fetish Theme


I want to talk about the lesser known foot fetish types. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. One, because everyone deserves their foot time in the limelight and two, because there might be some out there who think they are crazy odd because no one ever talks about their specific foot hunger. I am here to highlight these different types and desires.


Pedal Pumping Fetish

I love this pedal pumping fetish! I have a couple of regular callers who have this and while it is rare, it is one that enough people have to rate its own porn sites and hits for pics of all kinds of pedals. 

(A short note of thanks to my callers who have taught me so much about this fetish! I love it!)


  • Pedals in cars
  • Pedals on pianos
  • Pedals on organs
  • Pedals on bicycles


These are the main desires, but if you can think of something a foot presses on, I guarantee it is included here.


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What is it about feet on a pedal that turns folks on so much? You know that foot job I mentioned above? This is one way to get that done. Seriously.

They put their cock on the pedal and a woman… barefoot, with stockings, or shoes, depending on the preference… uses the cock as a pedal. With her foot, she presses down on the cock that, often enough, is lying on the pedal. The woman’s foot then presses, or mashes, the cock as if it were the pedal or a part of the pedal.

Voilà! A footjob!


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


For the CBT pain slut, bicycle pedals are a delight. Do you want to lay your dick on this and have a pretty girl take you for a “ride?”


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Footsteps on Land 

Living in Miami, I see this foot fetish a lot; those who love feet in the dirt, in the sand, or in the water. The possibilities for those three places is quite infinite!


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


Different from the Pedal Pumpers (or sometimes called “Pedal Pushers”), those who are into the earth and ocean do not dream of footjobs as readily as the others. Now, there is some of that and I will explain in a moment, but generally, this is more a visual fetish than a completely tactile one.

The idea of seeing beautiful feet traversing the land is glorious to these folks. While plenty of guys watch women walking on sidewalks or on public transportation, being able to ogle a woman enjoying nature with her toes is rather yummy. With every crunch of her step on the grass, soft whiffs of dirt and plants rise to scent the air around her. If she is in a garden, all the better. Soil is good to a foot fetishist who loves dirty feet. 


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975 


There is something so sexy about watching a woman walking on the beach. Her toes grabbing at the sand to keep her balance. The toe fetishist can just feel those digits curling around his cock and stroking him until he oozes cum, wetting the sand in a different way than the ocean does. Still salty, but much, much warmer.

With both dirt and sand, getting a footjob takes on a tangible experience as opposed to just a visual one. A guy has to be into the grit and coarseness of what the ground offers. Grains can feel like sandpaper if they are large, but can feel like powder if they are small. Adding a lubricant, bee’s honey, for example (if we are going to stay on the all natural path here), could bring the whole sand-paper-y (quite literally!) experience to a sticky, but sexy ending.


Dipping Her Toes In

Yet another foot fetish I see a lot down here since I am next to the ocean, as well as surrounded by homes with built-in pools in the backyard, is the idea of feet submerging into the water.


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


Whether the desire is to watch the feet get wet, as in the image above, or to see the feet sunk deep into the clear liquid, water is a staple with folks who get off on looking at feet.


Foot Fetish Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


It might seem an odd part of a foot fetish, but it’s often looked at with an artistic eye. You can see the designs the ripples make on the feet, how easily the feet move, and yet there is the slowing down of motion because of the density of the liquid. All of these create a sensuous and luxurious mood when it comes to seeing what feet might do to the cock and balls. 

And who doesn’t like clean feet? The sand removes calluses and dirt while the water washes it all away. Feet in a pool might make the skin prune-y, but that feels so good on the tongue. Or didn’t you know that? Ah, yes… more sensory input there.


Am I Missing Your Type of Foot Fetish?


Let me know in the comments! I would love to expand my knowledge and be available for those that might call. Teach me! 

Then, kiss my feet! 

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