*Go to the bottom for the explanation of the Red Umbrella inside a Pride Flag.

NOT Just for Pride Month!

Being lesbian, every month is Pride Month for me, not just in June. 

I came out just about the time I was 18. For those that call me, you know the story of my living with 8 gay men and learning how to give blow jobs and get fucked in the ass. Gay sex was imprinted on me and it is my go-to porn. I have been where all the gay men have gone (and go) and all of it is a huge turn-on for me. However, I am still lesbian and sexually and emotionally, I am attracted to women. But, boy howdy, can I talk to you cock-suckers and wanna-be cocksuckers! You callers also know I love big dicks. heavy sigh But we will save that discussion for a call. wicked smile

Onward Ho!

The rest of the world has picked June for Pride Month and while I celebrate it, it’s important for you LGBTQ+ folks to know that I stand with you always. My place of employment, LDW (this company) does as well.

LGBTQ+ Celebration+

LGBTQ+ folks, not only do we encourage you to hang with us… not only do we celebrate who you are… we embrace you when we do spend time together. We listen to who you tell us you are.

Please tell the dispatcher the pronouns you wish to be used when talking to you. Your Mistress needs to know, too, and if she doesn’t ask you first thing, please do let her know. We want to address you properly.

(I do know this is annoying for some people and if it bugs you that we ask, tell us not to ask! We are more than glad to bend to your needs.)

Flags of Representation:
Why Things Can Get Confusing for All of Us

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags is a fantastic piece on the wide variety of flags that represent many in the gay (inclusively-used)  community. Even those of us in the LGBTQ+ community cannot keep up with the ever-growing changes around us.

Pride Month Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

We Teach Each Other

We here at LDW… the Owners, Dispatchers, Mistresses, and all the support folks behind the scenes… work to enlighten ourselves, but none of us, you included, can learn without each other. If you see us doing or saying something that might be incorrect for you, let us know! 

Remember, there will always be variations on a theme and not everyone has the same politics, morals, kinks, or fetishes exactly like you do. Know we talk to hundreds of guys and gals a day and being perfect is not possible. Patience and kindness are needed. On both sides. We want to learn, but perfection isn’t going to happen.

We Meet You Where You Are

I promise, unless these issues are what you want to talk about, we will not be preachy or spend your time and money on topics that you did not call for. This post might sound terribly dry, but I promise… we can make you hard, wet, squirt, or cage you UP better than any other Mistresses around.

So Let’s Have Some FUN!

You know we see you, hear you, and crave you. Cum to us and feel the understanding and respect we have for ALL folks, cis, straight, gay, LGBTQ+, etc.

* Red Umbrellas are the symbol used for Sex Workers, of which we are here at LDW. Inside an LGBTQ+ flag, it highlights sex workers in marginalized communities. There are an inordinate number of trans sex workers. Acknowledging us gay, lesbian, trans, and queer+ folks is the first step towards supporting our unique needs. Search “LGBT Sex Workers” to find out more information.

Pride Month Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975