I had a client once who was in a Female-Led Marriage and for whom Masturbation May was especially fun. His wife devised a Masturbation Game they could play all month long. It was so different, I wanted to share it with you all!

The Masturbation Game

Their month was divided into 3 parts… masturbating 3 times in each section:

  1. Masturbation Alone
  2. Masturbation Together 
  3. Mutual Masturbation / Stroking-Touching the partner’s genitals


Masturbation Game While Alone Rules

Most of us masturbate alone. We started that way and we will end that way. Masturbation May is a fantastic celebration of that ever-so-personal act. 

However, most of us learn to quickly keep our jerkoff activities to ourselves. This is something we don’t tell people. We hide it in the shower or under the covers when no one is around. It’s often find ourselves feeling shame for something that is perfectly normal.

But when you have a partner that embraces your sexuality… and her own… then masturbation becomes celebrated and expected from the partner. Even if no one mentions it, it is a given that one or both people is stroking/rubbing and having a grand time while on their own.

My client (genetically male, but a raging sissy) and her partner, in their Masturbation Game, were each allowed to masturbate those 3 times alone during the month of May. But that isn’t the only rule. They had to tell the other that they touched themselves and orgasmed, when and where. How much fun is that idea? So while you have the experience of a solitary orgasm, you are also sharing your secret act with someone you love.


Masturbating When Together Rules

The next rule in this wonderful Masturbation Game my client and their partner devised… well, the Domme devised (it is a Female Led Relationship after all) … is all about “cumming” together. 

It can take years before a couple is comfortable enough to masturbate in front of each other. This can be a sign of how well the relationship is advancing when both partners are able to be that open and vulnerable to each other. That takes an enormous amount of trust as anyone in a relationship/marriage will tell you. 

Many, men in particular, are embarrassed, or even ashamed, to admit they stroke to orgasm by themselves. Demonstrating that behavior in front of their partner, especially if she is female, can take a great deal of courage.

Men know they make faces and sounds when alone they don’t want others to see. Performance Masturbation hampers the experience considerably. When watching porn, the face is rarely shown when men cum. Instead, we get the close up of the cock and the squirting cum. Women’s orgasms, on the other hand, are romanticized in porn. They are seen as beautiful and more desirable.

In this Masturbation Game, the couple (or more) enjoy the performance aspect. They will masturbate 3 times during the month together. 

It might be in bed. Perhaps it’s in the car. It might be under the restaurant dining table when they go out alone. But they will do their thing next to -or across from- each other.

Isn’t that sexy as fuck?!


Mutual Masturbation Game Rules

In similar fashion as the Solo-Yet-Together rules, the Domme and her submissive husband will switch hands and “masturbate” each other. (Technically, masturbation is self-gratification, but we will stretch that for our purposes.)

3 times during Masturbation May, the couple will be with each other… again, in bed? The shower? The car? In the cabana at the beach?… and they will reach beside themselves and touch the other person’s genitals. 

Oh, great glory! We know how to pleasure ourselves, but having some variety sometimes can be fantastic, right? 

Lying next to the person you love and/or desire and having your cock in their hands and his or her cock in yours (or her vulva, vagina, and clitoris) opens things up to a different level. Not only are you getting pleasure, but you are getting it in a creatively distinct way. Doesn’t 3 times during Masturbation May sound delicious?

To feel your partner’s hand bringing you to those levels of pleasure can help cement the relationship in a way flowers after a fight cannot.


Masturbation Game in Your House?

Is this something you could do with your partner? Even if you don’t say it out loud, you can devise a plan to do all or part of it, can’t you? Masturbation May is the perfect time to explore.

We all could use new games in the house. And this one, you don’t even have to buy!

Many thanks to that client and his Femdom wife! Female-Led Marriages are awesome.