Do you have a secret shame? Do you have sexual confessions you need to get out? Have you kept thoughts and even experiences to yourself for years… or even decades? Have you been able to confess them to anyone? Sexual confessions are good for the soul!

Purge That Secret Shame with Sexual Confessions

As a Femdom Distance Domination Mistress, I have heard some amazing… and even unique… declarations of people’s persuasions and perversions. Some might be common and fairly benign while others are wildly different than most others’. What’s difficult about keeping those secrets, they can eat you alive. Shame is a painful emotion to carry around.

Being able to tell someone else can help you feel so much better and able to walk through your days breathing easier and not worried you will spill your secret to someone not trustworthy or who would not understand. There is nothing worse than being misunderstood -except, perhaps, for being judged.

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What’s great about what I do as a Confessor is I know so many fetishes and kinks. Many of those I know first-hand from real life experiences and the rest, my clients have taught me. Of course, I continue to learn and that is one of the beauties of what I do: continuous education!

If you’re thinking your fetish or kink is unique, Google it and if you see it listed, others have the same erotic experience with that situation/item as you do. If you find yourself not alone in the world with those thoughts, I’m hoping it is a comfort to know there are others just like you

What Kind of (Legal) Sexual Confession Might You Divulge? 

The list really is endless, but let me share 2 of the most frequent ones. Let’s see if yours makes the list! If not, please comment below and tell all of us if you have one I have not covered and then call and tell me your secret.

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1. Porn 

Probably the most common secret shame I hear about is watching porn or a possible porn addiction. Even though porn is pervasive in our lives now, there are a million ways we are told that porn is not healthy, is wrong, and even sinful. Clearly, we Mistresses think that is completely false and if you watch porn, you are completely normal.

There are ways to determine if it is an addiction -if it interferes with your time management of work, home, family- then it might be something to consider. I’m glad to talk with you about it and help you determine if it really might be something to look at or if you are a completely normal and typical porn viewer.

Sexual Confessions Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

When you are able to confess your worries about watching too much porn, or any porn, you can relieve the concern you have about whatever shame you are feeling. 

You can also watch porn with me on Skype. I love to watch your special brand of porn (as long as it is a legal kink or fetish) whether is is man on man, person on transperson, woman on woman… or any combination thereof. I am good for it.

2. Panties

Probably the second most common secret people tell me has to do with men and panties. Wearing them. Borrowing them. Sniffing them. Dreaming about them. Buying them. You name it, I’ve heard it.

If you have ever been caught in panties and that hunger for them submerged, even for a short time, the desire for getting another pair can fill you with shame. Shame that can eat you alive.

Sexual Confessions Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I am even happy to see you in your panties during a call, whether it is a picture in our email or watching you live on Skype. This is a fantastic way to see just how normal you are, wanting to be seen in panties in a safe manner, where no one is going to divulge your secret even if it delightful or deliciously shameful.


Purging That Secret Shame – Forever!

Again, I am letting you know you are not alone. I hear these confessions so many times a day, yet it is always heard with kindness and compassion (or laughter if you dig the shame involved). I understand how hard these can be to talk about, but encourage you to unburden these worries so you can feel better about yourself and your kink or fetish.

Call and let’s get these worries off your mind. You will be amazed at how much better you feel after talking to me.