How do you know if you are a panty boy? Let’s explore!

There are two types of panty boys.

Type 1 of a Panty Boy

There is the ever popular guy who loves to put on panties, wear panties, and perhaps masturbate in them. Let’s not forget the panty sniffers. These kinds of panty bois have often had this fetish since they were young and have never outgrown it. Discovering how and why the desire comes from is a fun journey that I wrote about here: “Why Do I Wear Panties?” Read and then let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to know how you started!

It isn’t uncommon for this kind of panty boy to have been caught wearing his (or “her”) favorite pair of sexy knickers while standing in the mirror and enjoying himself. Has this every been you? What is amusing about this scenario is the fetish doesn’t go away, but it gets even more ingrained, this time with a hefty dose of humiliation. Even folks who have never been caught often imagine being caught. 

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“What if I get in an accident while wearing sexy black bikinis? What would I tell EMS? What would I tell my wife if she came to the hospital and saw me in them? What if I have a heart attack at work and my co-workers see my pink lacies?”

These kinds of scenarios play out in the mind of the panty boy, worrying… yet stimulating… the cock behind the delicious red high-waisted pair with lace around the leg and a bow on the front.

Type 2 of a Panty Boy

The second type of panty boi is the one who likes to “borrow” other girls’ panties, put them on… or  wrap them around their cock… and masturbate in them.

The challenges of the mind become:

  • Do I get a clean pair out of her drawer? Do I get a dirty pair out of the hamper? (This depends on the kind of fetish you have… is it for clean or used panties?)
  • Do I get cum on them? Or do I make sure not to? 
  • If I get cum on them, do I still put them back in her drawer or do I toss them in the bottom of the hamper?
  • If I get cum on them, do I stuff them in my pocket and keep them forever?
  • Do I keep (steal) them or replace them from whence they came?

Panty Boy Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Borrowing panties brings its own set of thrills that includes getting caught by their owner, especially if they are at home when you do the deed. Even if they aren’t at home, what if they have cameras set up and catch you that way? What if they show you grabbing and them jerking off in them in the video while sitting at the family Thanksgiving dinner? What if they notice them missing after you’ve visited?

Those of us without this fetish might wonder how someone could risk being caught and that make someone hard and masturbate in the bathroom while everyone’s in the living room watching Seinfeld reruns. That’s because we don’t have that hunger for humiliation and the adrenaline for the possibilities of getting caught.

I don’t have that fetish, but I absolutely understand it.

Which Panties Do YOU Fit Into?

So what kind of panty boy are you in these scenarios? 

Do you mostly get off on wearing the panties? Do you love wearing them under your drab male clothes when no one knows? Or are you of the ilk who needs the thrill of possible discovery to urge you on?

Let me know where you fall on this spectrum and if I missed anything!

In the meantime, be pretty in those panties, panty boys!