I watch sexual fads come and go. But one mainstay is cuckolding. What is cuckolding? Not only that, how do you know if it is something you would enjoy?  And then there is your partner… would they enjoy you being a cuckold?

First, What Is Cuckolding?

There are nuances (some explained below) to the experience of being a cuckold, but the general overview definition is being the beta in the relationship and submitting to your partner having affairs without your involvement. This does not mean you encourage the outside sex, nor do you “allow” it. Your Alpha partner makes their own decisions, independent of your wishes.

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Different Types of Cuckolding

The Outsider

You might be told to prepare your partner/Hotwife for her dates or sexual liaisons by buying her sexy lingerie and clothes, laying them out for her to put on, perhaps dressing her, kissing her good-bye, and then sending her out to her Bull… a real man. I say real man because clearly, that is not you or she would not be leaving you to go spend time with – and get fucked by – another man and his dick.

What’s funny is you get to stay home, probably with orders to clean the house, not touch yourself (you’re probably caged anyway), not have anyone over, not watch porn (the TV and computers are probably blocked anyway), and not to boo hoo about any of this. I am willing to bet she and her sexy friend are watching you on cam to make sure you are being obedient. They are also certainly laughing at your circumstances.

The Observer

Oh, to be the fly on the wall to see how your partner looks having sex with someone else! Wouldn’t that be incredible?

But see, there is the Observer Cuckold who only gets to watch. You won’t be permitted to join in (unless you become one of the cuckies below). You might sit in the corner on the floor or, if lucky, on a chair, so you can see what is going on. You might be tethered to the chair. You might have a chastity cage on. If your Dominant partner/Hotwife is feeling naughty (or cruel), you might be facing the wall and only get to hear the sounds of their lovemaking and serious sex having. How funny would that be?

I think very.

If you do get to watch, imagine what you would see and hear! You would see what your partner looks like in the throes of passion not of your creation. I promise, you will see them in a whole new light from where you have seen her before. She will squeal delightedly and orgasm with a force you didn’t know she contained. She will ask her Bull to do things you never thought you’d hear out of her mouth.

However, the most fun part of it all for your partner is that you will get to see her doing actions she has never done for you, no matter how much you begged. She might give the Bull a blowjob you would trade your car for. Your Hotwife might turn ’round and let him fuck her in the ass. She might fuck him in the ass!

And they will laugh the whole time knowing how jealous you are, yet so turned on your cock is sticking straight up.

What is Cuckolding Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

The Fluffer

Ah, the fluffer

It won’t matter if you are into guys or not. If your partner tells you to get on your fucking knees and make her Bull hard as steel for her pussy, you damn well better do it.

What I find hilarious about when a Dominant Hotwife wants her cuckold to fluff her Bull, even if the cuck initially balks, not wanting to be seen as a sissy or faggot, I guarantee he will “cum” to love sucking that man’s cock; the bigger the better. There are pieces to why that happens. 

One is that he wants his wife fulfilled by the Bull. If the cuck does a great job fluffing, the Hotwife gets a harder dick pleasing her body.

Two is he begins to slowly evolve into that sissy or faggot and that is just the best humiliation for a Hotwife and all of her Bulls (for surely, there are more than one!) to witness. Before you know it, the cuckold is wearing panties and begging to suck the guys’ dicks.

Will that be you?

The Participant

While we discuss “participant,” I do not mean the cuckie will get to fuck his Hotwife or get fucked by the Bull. Instead, it simply means they will get to be more hands on (or mouths on!) both the Dominant parties.

The cuckold might get to thread the Bull’s cock into his partner (the Hotwife) and sit close to watch his dick slide in and out of her pussy. He might get to suck the Bull’s cock mid-fuck so he can taste his wife’s pussy again – something the cuckold has not done in ages. This is definitely a privilege to be earned.

The crème de la crème (quite literally!) of the participatory cuckold’s experience is a Creampie. A creampie is when the cuckie gets to… is so incredibly honored to… eat the Bulls’ cum directly from his Hotwife’s pussy. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Some cuckolds find it incredibly humiliating which makes it all the more fun. Certainly eating cum makes you more of a sissy faggot, right? Put those panties on now, bitch!

What would you do for a Creampie? 

Now That You Know What Cuckolding Is…

… is it for you? 

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about cuckolding and where you would like to see yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!