You have a foot fetish.

Maybe you like to look at feet. Perhaps you want to massage them… kiss them. Then there are those that want feet covered with stockings or shoes. Ah, you could be one of those that loves watching feet on the pedal of an organ or a car. We can’t forget the guys who want those feet wrapped right around their cocks, taking them to the heights of pleasure with toes and heels.

Where Did Your Foot Fetish Come From?

I know you are thinking you don’t give a whit where it came from. You came here to learn how to tell a girl you even have a foot fetish. Wait! I promise, this is relevant to the equation.

One of the first questions a girl asks when you disclose you love her feet and want to snuggle with them is “Where did this come from? Why do you love feet?” Having some answers ready can help the conversation go smoothly and you might find her giving you a foot job in the not-so-distant future.

A lot of times, the desire to touch feet, stockings, or shoes begins early in someone’s life. You might have been lying on the floor and they were in your line of sight… trigger of delight! Remember that teacher who walked past your desk as you were taking a test and her heels click-click-clicking attracted your attention?

Look inside and see what you can find about where your foot fetish or shoe fetish came from. It might be enlightening.

You aren’t going to tell your new girlfriend you sucked on stockings when you were younger, but you can say things to her like, “I just think your feet (and always talk about hers being the prettiest) are so pretty. Other women wear nice shoes, but your feet are just so pretty!” 

You could say, “Ladies look so wonderful when they wear stockings or pantyhose. I love how they feel. Do you?” She might tell you they are uncomfortable and you can ask if there are other kinds to try. Maybe she could try thigh highs. Be helpful, but not pushy.

Be creative in the ways you talk to her about your foot, shoe, or stocking fetish. Don’t drop the information like a bowling ball…

…Break Her In… Like New Stilettos

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It’s best if you don’t meet a girl and then say, “Hey, I love your feet. Can I kiss them?”

Instead, show her your amazing self, but definitely feel comfortable complimenting her shoes or telling her how beautiful her legs are in stockings. When there’s a gifting holiday, take her shoe shopping and let her pick out a brand you can gift her in the future when she isn’t around. Girls love guys coming home with random gifts. If they’re shoes we love, all the better. 

Take her to get mani-pedis and sit next to her as if you are bored, but waiting patiently. Even though the fingernail stuff might be a yawn, stay awake for the pedicure. Enjoy your erection under the magazine on your lap. After the pedicure, you get to indulge your foot fetish inside your mind by telling her how pretty her toes are a couple of times. Don’t overdo it. She might think you’re getting weird.

Making Your Move

That one night when you two have known each other for a good long while and she knows how much you love spoiling her and her feet, you might, before sex, tell her how much like a Queen she is and you would love to kiss her bejeweled toes as appreciation for her love and to show her yours. She might balk and if she does, laugh it off, but tell her, “One day, my love, I would love to bow down to your feet. They are just so beautiful!”

If she doesn’t laugh, but instead tells you to go ahead, you are a really lucky man. Take advantage of it. Don’t just kiss the top of her foot. Take the time to kiss each toe. I would encourage not using your tongue at first until you get to feeling more sure about how she would react. Of course, if she tells you to, then go right ahead. Who knows, she might adore a foot fetishist!

It’s About Your Foot Fetish, But It’s Also About Her

Probably the most important part of trying to tell your girl about your foot fetish is to not have an agenda. Be kind and loving because she deserves it, not because she has something you want. People want to be loved and accepted for who they are… just like you do… reflect that back to your lady. Without agency or expectation, give her the respect and adoration she deserves and you will, almost for sure, be rewarded.

Go slow. Speak clearly. When she shares her fantasies, you can share yours. You don’t need to tell her the ultimate desires or that you watch foot fetish porn, but go at her pace. Walk beside her (so to speak) and work hard not to step on her toes.

They are delicate, after all.

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