There are endless ways to be a cuckold, but only a few ways to be a proper submissive cuckold. I’m going to share a couple of the ways you can be the best boy or girl you can be for your Hotwife (and her Bull).


Your Path to Being a Submissive Cuckold



Everybody comes to their own realization that they are both submissive and that they desire being a cuckold. Or perhaps you were made into a cuckold by a strong Femdom wife?

When did you realize you were submissive? Maybe you had urges to serve women, especially the women in power. Did you admire your female bosses? Did you try to date strong women who picked the restaurant and who ordered you around? I am guessing you got hard when women treated you this way, didn’t you. Of course you did!



The path to cuckoldry can be similar, but can also be completely different. If you are one (not) blessed with a tiny dick, that is a very common way towards having a real man fucking your wife while you watch.

Who brought up the idea? If it was your wife, you can bet she was already having sex with other men, but finally got tired of hiding it and decided to bring it out in the open. How does that make you feel, knowing other men have been… and will be… in your wife’s pussy? Does that turn you on? Does it spark a delicious jealousy you want more of?


Be a Good Submissive Cuckie


You can be a good submissive cuckold in several ways:

  • Sit quietly while your Hotwife and her Bull are fucking.
  • If the Bull needs a fluffing, give it to him. It doesn’t matter if you want to or not. Do it.
  • Any time your Hotwife asks for something, get it for her without asking questions.
  • If you are told not to masturbate, do not jerk off, even if you are watching your Hotwife get fucked. Behave!
  • If your Hotwife tells you to clean her up, she doesn’t mean with a washcloth and soap, she means lick her cum-soaked pussy creampie with your lips. And remember, that cum is not yours, either.


You Tell Me!


Tell me ways you can be a good submissive cuckold. You cuckies teach the newbies. They need to know! Comment below.

If you have questions, new folks, ask away!

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