Do you know the term “Heteroflexible?” 


Explanation of Heteroflexible

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with another man, but you know you are not gay? Have you imagined masturbating next to a guy who is also masturbating? Perhaps touching your cock to another dude’s? Have you thought about touching another cock with your hand? Maybe you have thought about stroking someone else’s cock? Or more?!

If you started reading this post, you might have been having these thoughts for awhile now. It’s all cool! Don’t worry about it. 

Hear me out.


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix

Isn’t It Heterosexual or Homosexual? Try Heteroflexible!


Sometimes attracted outside one’s predominant orientation


Actually, it isn’t! How cool is that, that your sexuality can be on a spectrum? You do not have to be all one or all the other and in reality, the great majority of us falls somewhere on the spectrum.

And then, our movement on that spectrum is not static, either. 

I’ll use myself as a quick example. I’m lesbian, but I love playing with cocks. They are fun toys, but I don’t want to marry one. There have been times in my life where I like cocks more than others. I used to fret over the shifts, but as I got older, I gave myself grace. It didn’t matter to anyone but me who or what I chose to have sex with. I would be considered homoflexible.


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix

Mental Flexibility Is the Key

Mental and emotional flexibility can be the way to have a successful (and pleasurable!) sex life when you are exploring your sexual spectrum.

Creating a space of non-judgment is crucial to really getting into the experimental times. The last thing you want (or need) is your mind racing and thinking, “What the fuck am I doing? I can’t do this! This is wrong/bad/evil/a sin.” 

Instead, welcome the experience, however it unfolds.


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix


“But, I’m Not Gay!”

No matter how much you are able to set aside those societal thoughts, there might (probably will) be the  deepest thought of “How can I like this? How can I do this? I’m not gay!”

I will admit, it is hard to not think of yourself as gay when you have a dick in your mouth or one in your ass. Our society just does that to you! Even though you might have those thoughts, it’s okay. Just let them lie there for the duration and deal with them later. For the moment, just enjoy what you are experiencing.



When Being Called Gay is a Turn-On

Then there is when being told you are a faggot or a queer that makes you extra excited. What about that? Does that mean you’re gay? Absolutely not!

This is another example of not being judgmental of what you’re experiencing. Don’t think; enjoy!


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix


Wanting More & More (& More!) Cocks

It isn’t unusual to want more of the forbidden fruit after you have tasted (so to speak) it once. Heteroflexibility is definitely at play now.

Even though you are wanting cocks, maybe you don’t have to suck all of them. Maybe they all don’t have to fuck you. What about playing with a dick without these activities. That can be fun, too, and for those that tend towards guilty feelings, non-penetration can be a good solution.

I bet this makes you feel odd inside. There is that voice, and it is loud, that again screams, “BUT, I’M NOT GAY!” You might not be, but clearly you are having some heteroflexibility going on. Roll with it.


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix

What if I AM Gay?

Allllll of that said, if you are gay, cool! In fact, that is cool as fuck. Embrace it! Come out if you can. Find joy in your new sexuality.

Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, or Heteroflexibility. Have a great time!


Heteroflexible Mistress Daphne Enchantrix