I have some clients who, when they heard the hold audio about Ignore Calls and how the site of October 2022 was IWillIgnoreYou.com, they were very worried about being ignored on a call. They asked me if I was going to ignore them on this call.

After reassuring them that I was not going to ignore them, but that we would have our usual wonderful interactive call, they were able to relax. 

Because I have heard this more than once, I thought I could explain this fetish a little bit more.

Why Would Someone Want to Be Ignored?


Being ignored is something a client asks for.

Ignore Call Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

When you call, if you are not wanting this fetish, we will not ignore you.


Explanation: For some submissives, it is extremely humiliating, in a great way, to be ignored. They feel a submissive’s place is way at the bottom of any Mistress’ attention. They feel that anything a Mistress desires is more important than their piddly little needs and a Mistress’ ignoring them is probably even more attention than they deserve.

How you, who doesn’t have this fetish, see this: You see being ignored as the absolute worst experience possible. If you are ignored, it is as if you don’t exist. Ironically, that is how the person who loves to be ignored sees it, too. But for them, it turns them on, if not out and out makes them orgasm at the end of the call.

You have a different need than these folks and nobody’s is right or wrong. They are just different. You don’t want them judging your desires for attention; they don’t want you to judge their desires for INattention. 

Ignore Call Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Never fear! We will not ignore you unless you want to be ignored.