I know that most articles about premature ejaculation (god, don’t you hate that term?) are going to offer ideas and ways to stop orgasming so quickly.

This post, however, is going to teach you how to capitalize on your dilemma.

Humor When You Cum Too Fast

Well, whose humor? Yours or someone else’s?

I vote for either one. Or both!

Laughing at the Issue

Have you ever had someone laugh at you when you have cum so fast you couldn’t get the job done? Have you disappointed a person… more than one person… because you came so fucking fast?

What does that make you feel like? Sad? Pitiful? Despondent?

What if you were able to take the situation and turn it into a sexy humiliation experience? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

I mean, you could cum and cum and cum, right?

Your little dicklette would dribble (because that is typically what you PE guys do), but you would be able to get it up quickly again and start all over, correct?

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Don’t Take Cumming Fast So Seriously

I find if you can chuckle about your situation it makes things a lot easier.

Be honest with your partner. If you have tried a hundred “remedies” and nothing works (or works well), tell the truth. Do what you can and then move on. Just have fun! That’s the most important part.

Cum Too Soon Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Be a Lesbian

I’m a lesbian and we girls have often said, “Men have everything we do, plus one, and all they focus on is that plus one.” 

According to a slew of statistics, lesbians orgasm an average of 86% of the time they have sex whereas heterosexual women cum a measly 65% of the time.

Use your fingers instead of your dick. You can find and stimulate her G-Spot so much easier that way.

Use your tongue to pleasure her clitoris… ALL of it! Not just the nub on the outside you can see.

Your partner will love you all the more for your new skills and your cock will become secondary. That might not thrill you, but it sure will make your partner giddy.

Cum Too Soon Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Feel Your Way

If you’re still having a hard time (so to speak), keep exploring ways to pleasure yourself and your partner. Know that there are many ways to tackle the situation of cumming too fast… cumming so fast.

Most of all, have fun!