Even though the pandemic might be lessened, there are still reasons you can’t be an out sissy. Perhaps you have a family life, a limited space in which to hide things, or you are spending dildo money on gasoline. Here are some ideas of how to be a sissy in hiding.


How to Be a Covert Sissy


Wearing items that no one would recognize as being sissy is one of the best ways to hide your true sissy self. These are things like items of apparel or jewelry you might wear anyway, but would do them with some added flair. Guys do this all the time… perhaps they are sissies, too? You can be one of those fashion-forward “men” who are really learning how to be a sissy in public.


Items you Might Consider Buying


  • Neckties – The sky’s the limit with special ties! From jazzier stripes and colors to moving out towards ties that represent your favorite action heroes (anime or gaming), celebrating each holiday, or even the obscure holidays like National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.
  • Bracelet – It isn’t uncommon for guys to wear silicone awareness bracelets supporting various causes anymore. You can look around and see what might catch your eye. Perhaps a pink one to support the end of breast cancer. (By the way, men get breast cancer, too! Check your pecs!) You can also get them custom-made on Amazon and Etsy. Choose a word that means nothing to everyone else, but to you screams: I AM A SISSY!
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Silicone Wristbands

Watch for even more ideas of how to be a stealth sissy!