Hi! It’s Goddess Mandy taking over Ms. Daphne’s Blog for the Masturbation May Blog Train Takeover. You just came from Ms. Becky’s Blog where Ms. Madison took over.


That is quite the title, huh?!? I think so too!!! 😉


So remember in my last post I said that I was going to share one of my hottest masturbation fantasies ever??? Well…hold onto your cap (if you’re wearing one) cause here it cums! 😉


Ohhhhh yes lol…I am absolutely OK with you leaving your “hat” on!!! 😉


So, as some of you may know… I am a HUGE baseball fan! And those that know that fact probably also know that my team is and has always been the Boston Red Sox! I have had many many fantasies over the years about my lovely and talented boys of summer! Ohhh my… Yes I have!!! But this particular fantasy of mine is ALL about masturbation…erotic, steamy, hot male masturbation…mutual masturbation…group masturbation…sexy men jacking off their cocks right in front of me, masturbation!!!  OMG…now I am getting really wet!! 🙂


So, do you want to know what happens in my naughty fantasy in the Red Sox clubhouse?!? Of course you do, lol! 😉 First of all I’ve decided that if this is going to happen, we need to have both a little bit of fun and a little bit of competition, as well. 🙂


So once all of the guys have gathered around me to hear what is going on, I share the competition and the rules.  I tell them there will be prizes for: Who can hold his cum the longest? Who can shoot the farthest? And who can put on the best show for me? And I also explain that I have very special prizes for the winners! 🙂


I ask who is in and 7 (of course) of these insanely hot men proceed to whip off their towels and begin to stroke for me! They encircle and surround me with their long strong legs, torso’s, asses, and hardening cocks…truly (as you can imagine) a sight to behold!! 🙂 I decide to perhaps make it a little bit harder 😉 and I slowly peel off my top and my lacy peach colored bra. I exit the middle of the circle and begin one by one to whisper into each of their ears. The second guy moans loudly and shoots his load all over the floor. I smile, knowing just what I’ve done. 😉


I continue around the circle, whispering, as I feel my juices dripping into my already very damp panties. I reach down into them and my fingers nearly fall into my wetness. All eyes are on me as I unabashedly masturbate myself right in front of ALL of them!!! As I re-enter the circle I notice at least 5 other men just watching it all from the sidelines…OMG THIS IS SO CRAZY HOT!!! 🙂


Mmmmmmm are you a little bit hot too??? I wonder what’s going to happen next?!? I have an idea…let’s make MY fantasy OUR fantasy and enjoy this sexy hot scene together! Are you game?!? 🙂



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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