Here we are, on January 1, 2022 … the day of infinite possibilities. But let’s talk about SEXY ways to create a fantastic new year for you.

How to Have the Best Sex Ever!

To do that, you will need to check out new audio, visual, and deliciously sexy porn sites. Sure, you have your go-to places, but here are 3 FREE sites you might not know about.

Listen to Sexy Talk from the Experts

The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast – Many of you might have heard of Mistress Olivia and Mistress Erika’s podcast, but I want to tell you that even I … someone who knows porn, who has been deep into the sex scene, BDSM scene,  etc. for decades … even I learn something new with every podcast I listen to.

If you want to read The Weekly Hot Spot instead, read the blog’s transcripts!

I guarantee you will learn new moves, new ways to woo a lover, even new ways to masturbate. Who doesn’t enjoy that kind of schooling?

View New Kinds of Porn

Bellesa – Video Porn by Women – Mind you, there are dicks everywhere in these videos! Licked, sucked, and fucked galore. But, Bellesa looks at porn from a more feminine perspective. If you are a person wanting to learn different ways to pleasure your partner, whatever sex, gender, or sexual orientation, Bellesa is a fantastic tutor.

Read New Types of Porn

Literotica – Written porn, free to all … and damn is it good stuff!

If you haven’t read porn since you were younger, before the Internet, you are missing something by not reading the Literotica site. Every kink and fetish you can imagine is represented there. Please, go peruse the different topics offered and then their Table of Contents. Not only will you learn new things about sex, but you might just be masturbating when you finish the last paragraph,

BONUS: Read & View Inspirational Material

I found the greatest Tumblr page – LadyCheeky. From the sexiest memes to fucking hot images, do yourself a favor and Follow her!

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