Back and forth, with COVID surges looming again, it really might be time for you to re-consider Sexy Texting.

When everyone is home and you need some delicious company or someone to talk to about your kinks or fetishes… or, hey, to just get off… and you cannot call, that is exactly what Sexy Texting is all about. Quiet fun that is a secret between you and your Mistress.

What is Sexy Texting, Anyway?

We all know what texting is, but did you know you can text with your Mistress? Yes, you can!

You might think that texting could be mildly yummy, but let me tell you, we can spin the naughty wheel pretty damn good in writing. While I can’t be as graphic here in my blog as we can in our sessions with you, this is a tiny example of what can be done… and remember, it does go back and forth between Mistress and you:

“Bend over, sweet bitch. That ass is MINE. I know you are a sissy slut and want my chick dick in there bad. Whine about it… try and pretend you don’t. I know you better than that! Now fucking get on your knees, cunt!”


“Oh, honey! You remember that time when you sucked cock in college? How you have jerked off thinking about it a thousand times? Remind me how that happened. Tell me every detail you remember. How did the head feel when you first opened your mouth?”

And I am a writer, so texting is especially fun for me! I love using my creativity and skill to entertain your dick or clitty.

Sexy Texting Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Where Do We Sexy Text with Each Other?

When you cannot call, we are all still here for you. There is texting in Skype, in our private chatroom, in Trillian or in Email (all the Mistresses can be contacted by using their first name, then All of these are fantastic ways to carry on a sexy conversation without having to use the telephone. A preemptive move would be to Email the Mistress to see what portals she utilizes; not everyone uses them all like I do.

When you are ready or wanting to schedule a session, Text or Email any of those portals mentioned above to make sure your Mistress is available for a session… and you can see if she is here: Cock Control Mistress Availability. If we are GREEN, we are available for a session, YELLOW, we’re on a call, and RED, not on the computer for a session. It never hurts to text anyway, though. Many of us check our portals regularly. (That sounds kind of naughty!)

Sexy Texting Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

How Do I Pay for Sexting Without Using the Phone?

You are in luck! LDW has that covered, too, with a wonderful, private website: There, you pay for your session, choosing the amount of minutes you want to use, then let the Mistress (who should be already waiting for you in the proper portal you are both using) know the email address you used to pay so Dispatch can make sure everything is in order before the session begins.

Sexting Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Then We Get It On!

It might seem like a multi-step process, but after the first time, it flows easily and quickly. Do not be put off by portals and paying and things like that. Get yourself into our Sexy Texting realm and let’s have some quiet, really naughty, fun!

No one else needs to know!