Sometimes it seems obvious how one would do Mistress Foot Worship, but here are 3 different ways to show a Mistress you cherish those toes and terrain of her entire foot.

Learn How to Massage and Do Pressure Points

Sure, massaging a woman’s feet can be done without instruction, but imagine how fantastic it would feel to your Mistress to receive a professional massage without having to pay for it!

There are tons of videos on YouTube where you can learn to not only to worship your Mistress’ feet properly, but also learn how to find pressure points that can soothe and free her from stress. I mean, you want to be her favorite foot worshipping submissive, don’t you?

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Reflexology is a specific training in a therapeutic foot massage. I do not know anything about it, but the foot has many places that affect different parts of the body. This photo offers an example of places the Reflexologist would massage. You can use these as pressure points of pleasure for your Mistress. And learning Reflexology? What a gift that would be!

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Learn to Pedicure; the BEST Foot Worship!

As with Foot Massage, YouTube has oodles of videos on how to do a proper pedicure. This is one area that exploded during the COVID year, learning to do our own pedicures, But you can use these to your advantage in learning to serve your Mistress even more specifically.

Talk about Foot Worship… every woman loves pedicures! (And most men, too! Definitely sissies!)

From removing the old polish to putting on the new, you can be the permanent pedicurist for your Mistress.

Buy Her Sexy Shoes

Lastly, find out your Mistress’  favorite brand of shoes, her exact shoe size and bring her some special shoes she will surely love. If you are worried about getting the wrong ones or size, get her a gift certificate to the store she goes to most for her sexy shoes.

You can also take her out for a shoe-shopping date! Take her to her favorite bistro, have some great wine (or champagne), then take her to all those shoe stores she loves and indulge her with your credit card.

Trying on shoes is so sexy. Instead of the salesperson putting them on her feet, you do it!

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Treat Your Mistress to Goddess-like Foot Worship

You will never regret it.