What is fun about camming with a Mistress, especially when you cannot see her?

Camming with the Man (and Woman!)

Plenty of things!

For those of you who are exhibitionists, this is the opportunity, without the fear of going to jail, to spread your legs and show off for us. Do you know what an absolute delight it is to gawk at your genitals? To laugh at you small-dicked boys? To applaud you pretty girls? To drool over your Big Black Cocks?

Camming Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

It is a delight to spend time with you on cam! While we get to know you on the phone, being able to see you, even if we do not ever see your face, adds an amazing dimension to your personality.

If You’re Nervous

Camming Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

No need to be! We don’t take pics (unless you ask us to), we don’t take videos (unless you ask us to)… we have NO desire to expose you. (And yes, I know that the idea of exposing you is a huge fantasy, but we will keep it in that realm!)

Also, plenty of people never show their faces… did you know that?

Some people just show below the neck while others wear a mask of one kind or another. You get to choose the level of privacy that makes you comfortable.

No More Excuses!

So let’s cam already! I want to see you!