It might seem odd, but we Mistresses… and I… have a pretty decent amount of clients who call to talk to us, sometimes with an orgasm at the end, sometimes not; it’s up to them on these kinds of calls.


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For me, the most common talking session is about life in general. Sometimes marriage. Sometimes about your family life. Sometimes about your job and other of life’s stresses. I have had calls where I talk about medical issues. Of course I never give advice, but have helped guide folks to scientific resources with keywords to search or reading what they have found.

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When it comes to mental health, I have done many calls with this theme. I’ve helped people find the resources in their community through which to get the help they want. I validate their desire to find help because asking for therapy help can be taboo in several cultures and religions. Taking care of one’s inner Self is vital and has been strained to the max because of the COVID year. There is no shame in asking for help. I am here to assure you of that fact.


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Sometimes  work or life puts so much pressure on you and it seems like there is no outlet. Mind you, we are not therapists! We do not even pretend to be, but we can listen as you decompress from a hard day. These calls often end in orgasms because, well, what better way to relief stress than masturbate, right?


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I’ve lived a long life and experienced many things so it would be difficult to shock me or make me freak out. If you are angry with your boss or spouse or just life in general, I am here to hold the space with you. I am always glad to listen as long as there are no threats of violence. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and to be told or assured you are not alone. When you need someone to talk to, we are here for you.


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And then there are those of you who need some Girlfriend time! These are delightful calls, girl talk… about boys, clothes, makeup, dating… whatever you sissy girls want to talk about we are here for you!

I love spending time with The Girls… YOU girls! So much fun!

Call When You Just Need to Talk!

I’m Here!

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