My, my, my.

This was my first Sex Party since Halloween 2019. As I’ve said before, if I’d have known a pandemic was coming, I would have gone to the New Year’s Weekend Party, but, thinking I would be going soon after the New Year 2020, I stayed home. Alas, COVID-19 came a’callin’ and all Sex Parties stopped for a year-plus.

Now that I am vaccinated and many of my party friends are as well, we had ourselves a Show-Your-Vaccination-Card-to-Gain-Entrance Sex Party.

Sex Party-Goers

There are usually 40-50 people at these fabulous gatherings, but last night, there were about 25. It brought about a totally different dynamic. Several decades of ages were represented, so a range of choices for sex partners was handy.

  • One of the first people I saw was an old friend with a puny prick. He is great fun to play with because he turns beet red whenever I taunt him, yet his dicklette stands to attention, the one-inch that it is. As usual, I pulled a tape measure out of my goody bag and, during introductions, had the guys measure their dicks for everyone. My friend with his pin dick was last measuring his and as he meekly called out, “1 and 1/8th inch,” the group howled with laughter that caused him to touch his dick… I mean barely touch it… and he squirted a teaspoon of cum right into his hand. When he looked around for a wipe to clean it up, I demanded that he lick it up. His horrified look, the begging for mercy in his eyes, I took a step towards him and he slurped it right up. I told him he was a good boy and everyone clapped and laughed at his cuteness. Of course, he was the shade of humiliation red almost the whole night long.

Sex Party Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

  • A new woman, sexy as fuck in her 40’s, and I had an instant attraction to each other. After introductions, I bee-lined for her and asked her what her pleasure would be. She said she was hoping to get her pussy eaten and then fucked. I asked her, politely, if I might accommodate those requests. The moment she said, “Yes,” my mouth was on her nipple and hand on her other breast, before letting go to escort her, while I carried my goodie bag, into one of the rooms. I helped her up onto the 4-poster bed, pulled out my purple harness and dildo and put them on. I eagerly ate her pussy, getting her juices all over my face… from chin to eyebrows and cheek to cheek. Then when she was ready, I mounted her and fucked her, having her cum several times. She was LOUD and as she orgasmed, others came into the room, masturbating watching us have a bucking good time.

Sex Party Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

  • Later, a shy gentleman came up and asked if I fucked men, too. I laughed and said it was one of my favorite pastimes! He said he had never been pegged, but after watching me with the lovely woman, he wondered if I might help him lose his ass-virginity. “My pleasure!” I told him. After putting on my waterproof harness, we got in the shower and I put on a lubed glove so I could get the lay of the land (so to speak) before I put my girl-cock inside his boy-pussy. When he turned around and spread his legs, I was pleasantly surprised to find a butt plug already stretching things out for me! I laughed and told him he was not a virgin, pulled the plug out gently and stood up ready to fuck him without exploring with my fingers. Clearly, he was not going to be so tight that I needed to loosen him up; he’d done the prep-work himself. I positioned him leaning against the wall, legs spread further apart and pushing his ass towards me then took my lubed dick and slid it in. His moans attracted the attention of others not otherwise occupied and came into the huge bathroom to watch. Let me tell you, I fucked this guy good. He howled and when I told him he could play with himself, he jerked it, cumming so hard I had to help him down onto the floor because he was leaning sideways and I was worried he would fall. He told me that was one of the best experiences he’d ever had. I beamed with pride at my accomplishment.

Sex Party Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

There were more experiences… I did suck dick (a major goal) and I did humiliate teeny weanie again… I watched a lot of play as I masturbated with my hand and my Magic Wand. It really was a wonderful evening. I felt safe and cared for and can’t wait for the next party in a couple of months!