ChooChoo! The Holiday Train picks up from Ms. Harper’s blog post yesterday: Blue Balls on My Christmas Tree.

The holidays with your Mistress are here!


Holidays Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

How will you celebrate the holidays? Winter Solstice? Christmas? Chanukah? Kwanzaa? And the question for a Sissy-in-Training is how does your Mistress celebrate in December?

No matter the holiday that she celebrates, you can learn more about it so you can interact with her during her special days. If you do not know anything about the holiday, you can surprise her with a special gift that comes from her heritage or religion. Candles are always wonderful gifts and candles hold specific meanings during all of the winter holidays.


Winter Solstice




Surprise Your Mistress

Show your Mistress you are listening to her by offering her gifts appropriate to her holiday, or if not gifts, a card. Even a handwritten note would be welcome; no money necessary.

How do you plan to gift your Mistress this year?


Ms. Kellie is next with what to get a Cocktease for Christmas!