In my last Sissy Training post, I talked about How to Measure Bra Size. I got great feedback that it was helpful, so I thought I should tackle another bra topic: How to Put on a Bra.

2 Ways to Put on a Bra

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Controversy seems to follow sissies anywhere you go and how to put on (and take off) a bra is no exception. There are two camps:

  1. Clasp it when it is already on, reaching around your back with both hands


2. Clasp it in front when it is around your waist, then spin it around to the back.

Announcing my prejudice now: Hooking it from the front and spinning it around.

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Reaching Around the Back

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Putting your hands behind your back and hooking it is one way to get that bra on. Not everyone can do this because it takes some dexterity and not everyone can physically put their hands in this position to connect the hooks. If you are fluffy, have arthritis, back issues or carpal tunnel, it can be challenging to impossible to hook your bra this way.

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But if you can, your forefingers feel the clasp so you can match the hook and eye together. For me, this is the puzzle piece. For some crazy reason, when I try to connect the hooks this way, I end up with it looking like this:

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From Front to Back

As I said, this is the way I like to put on a bra. I don’t even remember how I learned to put on a bra, but I thought it was the only way until I started watching girls closely in the high school locker room after gym. (Yes, I was naughty and looked!)

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This way is good for those who cannot put their arms behind their backs comfortably or, if you are like me, can’t feel the clasp very well to get the hooks on evenly. My left hand is as useful as my left foot for doing anything requiring dexterity, so it is good I taught myself this twirly way to put on a bra.

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Third Alternative?

A front clasp! That takes all the guessing and figuring out of the equation. I love this option!

Adjusting Your Breasts/Forms

There is a specific activity you need to do before you are done and can get dressed. It is the adjustment of your breast in the bra’s cup.

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Many girls lean into the cups of their bras before hooking the back. What I tend to do is #3, pulling my breast from the side and pulling it up to offer some cleavage.

Bra Extenders

If you are someone who has a broader chest, you might need an extender. They come in a variety of colors and you can hook several to each other if you need to.

Here is a grouping of men/sissies in bras!


If I missed something, please ask!