Hello, my sissy friends!

You know that a sissy essential in her wardrobe is a good bra, right? Not everyone knows how to measure bra size, so I thought I would share that information here.

About Bra Sizes

Most sissies are going to want to look for bras in the Plus Sizes because of the wider rib cages. Unless you are petite and very thin, buying standard size bras at Victoria’s Secret might be a challenge or out of the question, depending on your size. If you find yourself shopping in the plus size bra section, don’t be discouraged or think there is something wrong with you. Not at all! And you will still be able to find pretty bras, but blessedly, ones that fit. Knowing how to measure your bra size will get you into a comfy and sexy bra!

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How to Measure Bra Size Properly

First, of course, you need to know your correct bra size.

Some girls have been able to go into lingerie stores and have their bra size professionally measured

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Not everyone feels comfortable doing this and, of course, with the pandemic, more and more people are staying home, so could use an at-home solution to finding the right bra size.

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Measuring Bra Size Basics

You’re going to take 2 measurements… one that goes from around your back to under your breast tissue… we are looking for the band size. Then, to get the cup size, you will go from around your back to over your nipples. If you are going to wear breast forms, you can measure their height and add that to the nipple measurement.

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(In both inches and centimeters)

After that, you will subtract the smaller number from the larger number to get your cup size.

Quick Math Solution

So if you measured 42 around your back and under your breast tissue and then a 46 over your nipple plus the height of the breast form, you will subtract 42 from 46 and that gives you 4… and a cup sizes are like this: 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, etc. If you’re used to double cup sizes… DD for example… that is really an E, but sounds better as a DD.

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How to convert sizes into cup sizes. Note the way US cup sizes are named.

Weird Bra Fits

Bras are really weird sometimes. You think it fits great, but the strap keeps falling down. Or the straps dig into your shoulders. Or gashes your back.

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This is a poorly fitted bra.

Notice the bra above, how his side breast tissue squishes out? He has the wrong cup size. And he also has the straps gashing down into his shoulders… the under-bust size is incorrect as well.

You do not need to suffer with those annoyances or pain.

This next bra is also not properly fitted. It’s closer than the above one (these straps fit better), but the cup size needs to be bigger to keep the side boob from squishing out.

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No Bra Standardization

There is no standardization between bra companies so one perfect bra in 42D might be another brand’s 44C. The usual rule of thumb is if you go UP in the band size, you are going to go DOWN in the cup size. That is if you have measured and know what size bra you should be wearing. It is the company that is off, not you!

Let’s get that bra fitted correctly!

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Next, we will discuss How to Put On a Bra Properly. Yes, there really is a right way!