sissyfaggottammy answers the question: Why Do I Wear Panties?

Sissy History

I was about 9 when I tried on pantyhose. Then I found my sister’s old bikini in a bag going out to good will. I tried it on and was in ecstasy. Perfect fit, no bulge and made my ass look great. After trying on the bikini, I set my sights on her panties.

I had seen her panties in the laundry and thought they were cute. When she was out, I went into her drawer and took out my favorite looking one. I had never touched panties before and was surprised how delicate they were. Simple striped cotton bikini panties was all it took.

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(This is something the wonderful Mistresses at Sissy School can’t understand (why I like cotton). I and every boy of my time were raised to wear white cotton briefs. No exceptions. I know today is different but back then only our fathers wore boxers.)

I Wear Panties!

I have always hated conformity in any situation so the idea of wearing panties was exciting and felt right. I already felt I should have been born a girl so I didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong. In the 1970s, there was no other way to try on panties. (Now I would never do this but I was a curious child then.) Her panties were all bikini style so that is what I thought was normal and maybe it was, I don’t know.

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

From that moment on, i started to have wet dreams about wearing them and my sister encouraging me. I desperately wanted to wear panties and the idea that a Female insist I wear them was born. I think I just wanted someone to confirm what I already knew: I was meant to wear panties. It felt natural.

My sister moved out and I didn’t wear any until 10 years later when I met my future Wife/Mistress.

Shopping for Panties

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My passion for panties never waned. I got to explore my interest in all things Female with my Wife/Mistress. We shopped together and individually for panties. Every birthday and Christmas with Her was exciting because I knew I would be getting new clothing and definitely panties. It excited me see what She wanted me to wear. VS Cotton, Satin, Silk or Lace panties. My heart would beat so fast, I almost passed out.

And Today’s Choices?

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I’ve since purchased cheekinis, tangas and after talking to the Mistresses and Dommes, thongs. I love floral print panties and any style in pink. I would say my favorite all time and the ones I look best in are string bikinis. I wear panties because that is obviously who I am and they feel great.

I love having panty lines.

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

That’s the underwear I choose to wear because i am a sissy with a little clitty and it’s certainly appropriate. I adore Females after all so it’s also a tribute. i have no business wearing boxers or boy briefs nor would I ever want to.

Thanks Mistress Daphne for the chance to talk about panties.

Thank YOU, sissy tammy! What a wonderful description of your evolution into sissy-hood! I know others will related and tell their own stories, too!