Have you ever wondered, “Why do I like panties?”

This is a great question and one I will answer in part, but in some of the post, I have allowed one of my submissives to answer as well.

“I Like Panties”

One of my dear submissives, kneelcc, was listening in on my radio show on 8/8/20 as I bemoaned the fact I was having a hard time writing the post I’d started on why guys and gals like panties so much.

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I read aloud the few words I had written… and sighed. Even as a writer, I sometimes come up against the place when no words flow.

So, kneelcc graciously wrote me why he likes wearing panties and I asked permission to print some of it and he agreed. YAY!

kneelcc’s thoughts “Why I Like Panties.”

“After hearing the piece of Ms. Daphne’s blog post on the Sexy Sissy Radio Show, I started thinking about why I like wearing panties.

“I know i can only speak for myself, and there are as many reasons as there are guys out there who enjoy the feeling of soft silks, nylon, and cotton between them and their trousers. Yet, with your indulgence i will share a few of mine.

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

“Even before i started wearing panties myself, i always loved the sight of them on my girlfriends. They were always so pretty and soft, exuding sexuality. Providing my lovers with a way to express themselves; their identity, and their mood. If it worked for them, i thought i should give it a try.

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Picking a Style

“First of all, they are so pretty!

  • Delicate or bold feminine prints
  • Shiny, sheer solids in bright colors and subtle pastels
  • Lacy, embossed
  • Mixtures of textures in the different panels

“All of these, for lack of a better word are just pretty.

Varieties of Choices

“And then there is the variety. Unlike my male options of tighty whities or boxers, there are so many styles to choose from: Granny panties to thongs with bikini, micro, French cut and so many other nuanced styles to find what fits best for me and my mood.

“Overall, i think they are all sexy. And wearing them, makes me feel sexy too!

“There is always the rush of having a ‘naughty little secret’ hiding in plain sight. The thrill of wondering if anyone will notice the outline of them beneath my tight jeans?

panties Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

“Wearing panties did become much easier once i transitioned into a job without communal shower facilities. Yet even then, there was initially that fear someone would notice in the men’s room, but after about a month, i realized no one would.

“And the best reason i have for still wearing them years later is: Mistress commands me to do so. It’s in my contract!

contract Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

“I know each of You out there has Your own rationale for wearing panties and my list can’t cover them all. However, thanks for providing me this naughty little thrill of announcing to the world: i love wearing panties!

Ms. Daphne Adds

I would love to hear why you love wearing panties. Did you have a light bulb moment where one minute you were in boxers and the next in bikinis? How did you acquire your first pair of panties? How do you get them now? Online? In the store (before the pandemic, of course)? Which are your favorite pairs. Take a picture for me and I will add it to this post. (No genitals, please! Covered with the panties or just the panties by themselves.)

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!