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Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

On Saturday, February 19, 2020, Marica and I met at a Big Box Store at 8:00am. She had no idea what we were there for, but she would soon find out all about the Sissy Monthly Cycle and needing Feminine Hygiene products.


Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

What is a Sissy Monthly Cycle?

Not every sissy has or believes in a sissy monthly cycle, but I wanted Marica to know what it was so she could decide how she wanted to progress after we were done with this training year. For now, I will have her chart her cycle (that matches one of my girlfriend’s cycle)

As you can see from the Monthly Cycle Wheel at the top of the page, the sissy monthly cycle is broken into four sections.

  • Sissy Cycle: When you are on your “monthly” sissy cycle, this will be the time you are using pads and/or tampons.
  • Save Energy for Fertility: If you are one that believes in being fertile… wanting to “breed” for example… this would be the time to rest up for some good ol’ fucking.
  • Fertility (Fertile Time): When you would be a breeding sissy.
  • Buy Pads and Tampons NOW! This is the prep time for when you are on your sissy monthly cycle again.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Cycle Aisle

I got Marica into an aisle she had only ever bowed her head and run through before Saturday. At first, she was horrified she had to linger there, but when I had her start touching the boxes and bags? Oh my, you would have thought I asked her to handle a Cobra snake.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

As I said, no one was around that early on a Sunday morning, so I was able to talk about the different sizes, uses, why sissies might want to use feminine hygiene products as well as ciswomen.

Why Would a Sissy Have a Monthly Cycle?

Some sissies, in their heart of hearts, know they are women. And as women, they know that women have their monthly cycle. Well, they want to have one, too! So, we ciswomen share our knowledge with sissies so they can participate in the joys (cough cough) of our monthly cycles. It makes them feel more like a complete woman… and as a sissy, that is never a bad thing.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Sanitary Pads

Some sissies choose pads over tampons, or the other way around. It is absolutely personal taste on what you choose to wear during your sissy monthly cycle.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Sanitary Pad

I have some sissies that swear by pads, love them so much they call just to talk about Maxi-Pads for an hour. Who else would understand but a Mistress how exciting it is to wear pads?!

How to Choose Pads

I explained to Marica how there is a new chart on each box that helped a sissy figure out the right size for her. Before this new chart, we girls had to guess at what size and absorbency we needed. Now we have some help!

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

The Flow Chart

I talked to her about why she might choose to wear a Size 1, the light pads. Those could be used on days when she would be in chastity and just barely dripping at all. She might want a Size 2 on days when out of the chastity cage and her clitty was dribbling a little more.

I shared how turned on some sissies get with pads and if she was going to masturbate in her panties, she might want the Size 3 or even 4, for more heavy flow.

Feminine Powder?

You can then add Vagisil Powder to your pads. Sprinkle the powder onto the top of the pad tucked into your panties. Then you can layer the pads and powder, as many layers as you like! Some sissies enjoy the feeling of thick pads between their legs. For them, layering feminine powder with pads can help them create a sanitary pad seven-layer cake if they want!

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


What would be the difference between using pads and tampons? Well, I am sure you sissies already know pads go in your panties and the tampons go in your pussy. Some feel that is extreme, but for those that do this, it brings them a sense of belonging to The Girl’s Club and a feeling of fulfillment they cannot get from pads.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

The Rules of Tampons

Use lubricant of some sort, NOT soap, NOT lotion and preferably not Vaseline. Please try and use a lubricant meant for sex. The sissy pussy is very tender and can tear easily when using tampons, giving the bacteria in our surroundings a place to rest and grow. The less friction, the better.

Also Toxic Shock Syndrome is always a risk with tampons. Even for sissies.

Sissy Monthly Cycle Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

If you use tampons, read the labels and use the lowest absorbency tampon you can. Change tampons frequently, at least every four hours. Alternate using tampons and sanitary napkins, and use minipads when your flow is light.

If You Need More Information…

…I am here for you!

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I am glad to help you learn how to wear these feminine hygiene products and to share more ideas of how to keep yourself smelling and feeling fresh as a sissy!