Cuckolding is a kink that not many people would consider. It takes a special kind of person to enjoy it. So what makes anyone like cuckolding?

As you go through this, you will see that cuckolding has its own language and culture. I hope to clarify who is who and what is what.


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What Exactly Is Cuckolding?

Great question and one that can be answered several ways. Each couple or group has their own rhythm and way they would do cuckolding in their relationships. For some, humiliation is an enormous part of cuckolding while for others, not so much.

I will share some different ways people might present cuckolding in their lives.

  • The cuckold (husband/boyfriend/partner) stays home and the female partner (known as the Hotwife) goes out to visit her lover (the Bull) and then later returns home.
  • Sometimes, when the Hotwife comes home, she will regale the cuckold with stories of her exploits
  • Sometimes, while she is telling the cuckold the story of her night out, the cuckold is cleaning (licking) the Hotwife’s pussy that has the Bull’s cum inside (creampie).

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  • Sometimes the cuckold will pick out the clothes, including shopping for them, that his partner will wear for her date. Lingerie is often considered seriously so the Hotwife is sexy for the Bull.
  • As things progress, the Hotwife and Bull might have sex in the Hotwife’s house, sending the cuckold out to a hotel for the night.
  • Or the cuckold might be permitted to stay at the house, but away from the bedroom, although most listen through the door.

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  • Some are allowed to watch through a keyhole, while in the closet or through the door cracked open.

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  • As times passes, it is common to invite the cuckold in to watch his Hotwife be fucked by the Bull, sometimes while he (cuckie) is bound to a chair and in a chastity cage. Of course, the Bull has to agree.

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  • Sometimes the cuckold is permitted to watch and masturbate at the same time. It is not uncommon to not allow an orgasm, but to relegate him to another place where he masturbates alone… a very humiliating experience since the Bull just came in his partner.

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  • After that, things can vary widely: the cuckold having creampie in front of the Bull…

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…the cuckold learning to get the Bull hard for his partner my giving the Bull a blowjob (fluffing)…

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…the cuckold assisting in the Bull’s fucking of his partner by guiding his cock into her pussy or licking his partner’s clitoris as the Bull fucks his Hotwife (thereby also occasionally licking the Bull’s dick).

When all parties agree, the Bull might even fuck the cuckold, thereby adding an enormous sense of humiliation to the situation. (See below)

The variations really are endless.

Why Are Black Men Often Incorporated Into Cuckolding?


Black Men, namely their Big Black Cocks (BBC) are very often a part of the cuckolding fantasy and experience. One of the major reasons a cuckold would want his partner to have another lover, a better lover, is so she can have a bigger cock and black men are often the men with the biggest cocks.

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Black men also carry much more sexual power and have more prowess than a puny-dicked white man who cannot even satisfy his wife. It can also be incredibly hot to bring someone into the bedroom, who orgasms in his wife without a condom, that is so forbidden in our culture. The contrast in races is often dramatic and that can be fetishized to the point of needing it to get off.

Humiliation? Really?

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Oh, yes! Many, MANY people get off on the humiliation aspects of cuckolding. What could be worse than knowing you are not man enough to satisfy your wife? Some men are made to dress in panties and other feminine lingerie or dresses. Many cuckolds are put in chastity wearing chastity cages or tubes. Fluffing is humiliating in that the man is only good for preparing his wife for a real man.

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And yes, there are times when the Hotwife and Bull want to put the cuckold in his place and the Bull fucks the pitiful person. This is incredibly humiliating especially when the cuckold is straight.

What often ends up happening, however, is the cuckold loves the attention so much he needs the memory of these fuckings to get off. Humiliating, yes, but also an amazing turn-on.

Why Would Men Like Cuckolding?

It is a submissive man or sissy that usually enjoys cuckolding. It’s also quite common for a man with a tiny dick (under 3 inches would be considered a small dick) to want his wife to obtain pleasure somewhere else, with a man with a real cock, not his pitiful flap of skin.

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Cuckolding can be a humiliating experience for many… and that is part of the draw. It is not that the person has little or no self-esteem either. It takes a strong person to like cuckolding and bring it into their relationship. Even when humiliation is at play, initiating the cuckold experience requires strength and tenacity.

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How Do Cuckold Couples Get Started?

One would have to be a fairly non-traditional and open-minded couple of people to consider cuckolding at all. The idea could come from either partner, but comes much sooner in the relationship if the man has a small penis. The reality that the woman is not being pleased sexually demands action on their part to remedy the situation.

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When new couples are together, they often share fantasies they wouldn’t share otherwise. This is the key time to bring up: “I would love to see you with another man.” Even if she balks at the time, the seed has been planted and can be brought up periodically as the years go by.

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From mild to fiery hot, cuckolding follows that trajectory.

This really can be an intricate topic and if I missed something glaring, please let me know!

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