The process of choosing to shave, wax, use a depilatory cream or spend the time and money for lasers to remove your hair can be a long road towards being hairless all over your body.

Hairless Bits & Parts

If you’ve considered going hairless, rest assured you are not alone. Many, if not most, kinky folks consider it at one time or another. And not just sissies, either! I know plenty of manly men who love to have parts of their bodies clean-shaven.

When deciding what body part to rid of hair first, most folks choose somewhere that won’t show to the rest of the world. Even guys who want their arms or chests hairless, will often choose their pubic areas first. Some are hesitant to do even that and merely trim the pubic hair a bit at a time before getting brave enough to shave or get waxed.

When to Go Hairless

Going little by little, you get to decide what goes first, second or third… unless you have a Mistress guiding you, then her word trumps yours every time. (Well, you can negotiate with her sometimes, right?) If it is you making the decision, you can go in any order or direction you want.

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From pubic hair to thighs, thighs to lower belly, lower belly to thighs, chest to knees, etc. Some decide to go hairless on their upper arms if they wear long sleeves all the time. Others will remove the hair all the way to their wrists. Backs are also a common area to get waxed.hairless Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975 Fashion changes from decade to decade and we are in a hairless time, but never fear, you furry men, I still adore you, too!

Have you ever removed hair before? Tell me about it!