Ah, we can’t talk about Orgasm without talking about Masturbation, can we?

What Does Orgasm Feel Like?

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Isn’t it amazing how damn good an orgasm feels? I have interviewed hundreds of people asking them to describe it to me and no one has said exactly the same thing twice.

“Waves of pleasure.”

“Like my body is spasming, but in a really good way.”

“I feel myself get really hard and then the ejaculations are heavenly!”

Orgasm Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

What Orgasm Feels Like to Me

For me, it is a dimming of reality and a gradual focus, then laser focus, on my clitoris and then an explosion of waves of pleasure that remind me of looking at the pictures of the Atom Bomb going off… a distinct beginning and then waves that go outward, covering everything in its path.


Watching Orgasms in Real Life

I know, because I watch along with you, that many of you love to watch men ejaculate. Even straight men get off on watching great streams of cum flowing out of a cock… often onto a woman’s face or tits. Can I tell you how even I get off on that same thing!?

I’ve written about my Sex Parties before and how I love to sit and watch men jack off onto women’s faces (or into my mouth!). I will squat right next to the man stroking, looking up at the pleasure on his face, and then watch as his cock squirts out great threads of cum. I wish I could make it slow motion in real life like we can on videos! When I watch you on Cam, I like being able to see your face at the same time as your cock. It turns me on so very much to see your orgasm build and then overtake you, from head… to head of cock.


Let’s do it again SOON!

Orgasm Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975