I have had such a great response to my first Female-Led Relationship post, I thought I would ask Sarah more questions about her Female-Led Relationship, or more accurately for her, a Female-Led Marriage (FLM). She has been so gracious in sharing even the most private of aspects of her marriage.

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Questions? Let’s ask her! For now, my questions in BOLD and Sarah’s words in ITALICS.

Dear Mistress Daphne,

I am so excited that our exchange drew a positive response, and I am thrilled to be able to share more insights with you and your audience (with the permission of my husband, Emily, of course).


FLR Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

How far does/can a FLM go?

A female-led marriage reaches as far as both partners choose for it to do so – the woman by deciding and demanding; the man by obeying and staying (if it becomes too much, he must be free to leave). In our case, Emily demands total authority and that it be obvious. Thus, I dress “appropriately” for a wife – dresses or skirts only, high heels, and yes, even pearls. We even use her family name for all of us. I am proud that we are Ms. and Mrs.

What does sex look like with FLM?

Ah yes, we get asked this often. Really, it varies from couple to couple. Some switch marital roles, except in the bedroom. In our case, Emily became my husband sexually, too. I admittedly was terrified at first, but now I love the feel of her strap-on inside me. Plus I have bragging rights among the wives I know – my husband never has performance issues! (Giggles)

FLR Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Does this only happen with gay husbands? Cuckolds?

Oh, heavens to Betsy, no! I have never been with a man, nor is FLM in conflict with monogamy. That said, in our case, Emily has a rendezvous or two for her “normal needs.” As we tell folks, “The husband can roam, but the wife must stay home.” My husband decided to seek some external pleasure, and I want her to be happy, so I support her.

FLR Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Do men work in a FLM?

Of course, they can. Like any marriage, it can be two careers or sometimes it’s out of economic necessity. That said, it is entirely at the discretion of the woman. Emily decided I must stay home, and I’m proud of my role in taking care of our home and family.

FLR Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Do their friends know about their special marriage arrangements? Their families?

That is up for the couple to disclose, and again, mainly at the woman’s discretion. If the man does not support her decision, he can leave. Our families, friends, neighbors, etc. know that Emily wears the pants – in all ways – and I am her obedient wife.

Sarah, thank you so so much for sharing these insights and looks into your family dynamics. Fascinating! I look forward to learning even more about you and your husband, Emily. Congratulations in your relationship!