Mistress Mandy disrobed and sauntered to the hot tub, first dipping her toes in, then stepping in slowly. I watched from the window and felt pressing surges of desire; I was going to have to join her.

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I had my bikini on, still a little shy with such beautiful Mistresses I had just met. I walked out and asked Mistress Mandy if I might join her. She giggled and said I was more than welcome to have hot tub sex with her. On my heels was Mistress Lilly, also in her bikini. She sat in a chair on the side of the small pool, talking with us in her sweet voice. I slid in next to Ms. Mandy and dunked myself in up to my neck. I’d pulled my hair up into a bun, but loose strands found their way into the water. I didn’t care. I was staring at Ms. Mandy’s gorgeous breasts (even though I tried not to!).

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Ms. Mandy chuckled about my wearing a suit and insisted I get naked with her. She untied my top and lifted it up onto the side of the pool. I slid my bottoms down around my thighs, then knees, then calves, before slipping them off my ankles. I couldn’t tell what made me hotter… the steam from the water or Ms. Mandy’s lovely body!

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“Touch Mandy’s breasts,” Ms. Lilly said from her chair.

I blinked and looked up at her, not used to being told what to do.

She said, more insistently, “Touch Mandy’s breasts!”

So I reached out and gently lifted one of her breasts into the palm of my hand.

“Kiss it.”

I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and pulled her luscious nipple past my lips and into my mouth. It got hard instantly and I licked the tip of her nipple to make it even harder. I couldn’t hear her, but I felt the vibrations of Mandy’s moans in her chest.

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“Touch her pussy,” Lilly commanded.

I put my right hand between Mandy’s breasts and slid it down slowly, down her belly… I felt that I tickled her a little as her skin shivered beneath my fingers. I felt my cunt gush a little at her pleasure. Down lower, I felt Mandy’s shaved mound and wanted to move faster, but forced myself to go at the same slow pace. I shuddered as I slid my middle finger onto her already-swollen clitoris. I went past it and dipped my fingers into her slippery wetness, feeling the gentle, soft folds and immediately knew how they would feel in my mouth. I am sure I drooled. I scooped up some wetness and then went right back to her clit and began the well-rehearsed circles all women know how to make on that pleasure spot.

Mandy curled around me, her face in my neck; she smelled like coconut.

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I looked up and Lilly was smiling and nodding.

I needed to be inside Mandy… wanted to feel her pussy from the inside… and slipped two fingers inside her and started moving them in and out… fucking her. She leaned her head back and gave a loud OH! And I pushed in harder still. Suddenly, Mandy was up against the side and I was nearly submerged, pushing into her, feeling her G-Spot easily and pressing hard on it… I could feel her orgasm building. I pulled her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, taking in much of her breast, too.


As Mandy’s orgasm spilled into my fingers (and the water we were in!), I peeked up and saw Lilly smirking as she watched our pleasure. I couldn’t tell if she was wanting to join in or just loving the show. I never asked as Mandy then shifted her weight and pulled my face towards hers and she gave me the most wondrous, deep kiss of thanks.

Hot tub sex is wonderful.

I am sure I swooned.

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