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Let a MILF Devour You

Put in an older woman who loves sex… has loved sex her whole life. One who took it upon herself to learn to please a man. And a woman. Maybe she has a love for sissies, taking them under her wing, teaching them how to dress and present themselves properly. As ladies.

But, what if she has a penchant for younger men, too? A 50-year old who craves the sex drive of a 20-year old.

I am but one of those types of Mistresses. I cannot get enough of you young studs. The ones who masturbate twice a day. (Oh, you masturbate more than twice a day? Even better!)

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

“Come to me. Sit here with me. I love your nervousness, but you can just breathe and relax. I promise. I will not hurt you. (Unless you want me to, of course.) Mmmm… what’s that you have hiding in your pants? Can I see?”

I take my hand… and you watch… seeing the years on my once-often-suntanned skin… reminding you that you are with an older woman. Perhaps a much older woman. And your mind goes wild with desire. You’ve thought about older women since the first time you stroked a cock under the covers on your bed. And here you are. With one right now.

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Your dick is rock hard. And I find it easily inside your pants and then in the slit of your shorts. I flick it out and there it is. Oh, yes. With wet on the head already! You young boys can show your pleasure so quickly. I take my experienced hand and wrap it gently around your shaft and give just a couple of slow strokes. As I do, my fingers slide over the head, slipping in the wet you have there. I let go of your cock and bring one of my fingers to my full red lips… and suck that wet that is yours. Your cock jumps with desire.

What a MILF Can Teach You

Cock Control – You young boys often cum so damn quickly! Older women like a man with some stamina. We can totally help you along with that goal of extending your orgasms so you can please that MILF Mistress you serve.

We can show you how to hold your cock differently, making it more difficult to have those familiar awesome sensations you have been used to since you were a teen. By moving your hand around, you slow things down considerably; a distinct benefit to your MILF lover.

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Learning to move in slow-motion is also a great lesson your Mature MILF can help you with. I’ve had young guys all too often jump into a pussy and then bang away until they cum, almost without thinking of the woman on the other end of their cocks. Those of us with years on our side can reign that energy in, slow you down and draw out that pleasure for both parties.

The benefit of a MILF in general is her ability to command. Isn’t that one of the things you were wanting in the first place? She can direct your actions, telling you exactly what to do with your cock (and even those balls of yours!)… and when. We MILFs delight in controlling the masturbation session, telling you when to start, go slow, pick up speed, stop (immediately!) and when to begin again. All to our pleasure, our rhythm.

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Edging – Oh, yes… you know edging, don’t you. Where your MILF describes to you erotic scenarios… perhaps remembering that favorite aunt when you were 18… seeing her in her pajamas making breakfast… your cock dancing in your shorts thinking about reaching out to touch her ripe breasts. Yes, your MILF is gifted at taking you to deliciously sexy places, making your cock so, so hard. Your instructions (and you always obey your MILF’s instructions, don’t you?) are to bring yourself to the brink… and then stop. Not to fall over the edge. You don’t want to disappoint her, do you?

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Tease & Denial – We Mature Women get off on tease & denial! To be able to fuck with you, play with your mind, drive you crazy with our (slightly droopy) breasts and (well-used, but still tight) pussies… it makes me laugh just writing about it! I can sit on the bed with you, both of our legs spread, your cock and balls available for my pleasure, my cunt wide open and wet (you can smell me, can’t you!)… each of us masturbating as we look into each others’ eyes. Anytime I see you get too excited, I will tell you to stop.

Right. That. Moment.

“Get your hands off that cock now, boy!”

And we will breathe with each other.

Over and over again.

And the most fun part is it will be totally up to me whether you orgasm at all or not!

MILF Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

And Oh So Much More!

As a MILF, I have lots of things up my sleeves to control (and play with!) you young studs. Do you want to learn?

Brought to you by Mistress Daphne, your MILF Mistress 1-800-601-6975