Halloween is THE sissy holiday for the entire year. Girls who are unable to even wear a pair of panties all year long are finally able to dress in all their sissy glory for that one day. Make it worthwhile!

Are You a Halloween Sissy?

If you are one of the Halloween sissies, let me lay out some ideas for you to adopt as you plan your costume this year.

  • If you would not typically be wearing panties, wear a dress of some sort so you are required to wear them!
  • If you buy panties for your outfit, make them as sexy as you can.
  • Wear a bra, too! Even if you have to stuff them with your socks, it is fantastic to look down and see breasts all night long.

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  • Wearing a dress can be so much fun! If you want a majorly sissy one, order one overnight. Do not let anyone dissuade you from wearing it! Tell them this is your costume this year. Be proud!
  • Make sure to wear stockings or pantyhose. If you are going as a slutty sissy, letting them rip is perfectly fine. (Though I consider myself a slut and cry when I run my stockings.)
  • With stockings comes a garter belt. Stockings also require a dress… a sexy dress… so that helps in the panties department.

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  • Shoes… try the heels but if you are going to break your ankle in them, wear some really low heels. Of course you want to wear 6 inch heels, but even I struggle in those.
  • Wearing makeup can be much of the fun of dressing up on Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you do not put it on expertly, because just having it on at all can be gloriously feminine. Knowing that you are going to wear makeup also gives you the green light to watching feminization videos out in the open. “Honey, I am just trying to learn how to apply eyeshadow!” Who is going to question that at this time of year?

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  • Fake eyelashes are a major pain in the butt; take it from me! But if you choose to do them, get the ones that are one long one that goes across your entire lid instead of individual ones that take for-EVER to put on. You don’t want to spend ALL evening in front of the mirror do you? (Well, maybe you do!) You need to get OUT of the house and prancing in front of your friends.
  • Are you going to wear a wig? Even if you have to use a wildly crazy colored one, having it on your head and feeling the ends brushing on your shoulders is such fun.

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  • Remember jewelry! Bracelets, rings and clip-on earrings round out the dreaminess of a Halloween sissy.

Where to Acquire Your Sissy Supplies

If you are unsure where to get all of these things, start at Thrift Stores. Thrift stores have so much stuff for Halloween dressing, but go now! Do not wait until the day before because all the good stuff will be gone. Also, Costume Shops have a decent supply of sissy clothes to wear and you can add to it as you desire. One warning, though: Do not wear a wig from the Thrift Store! Get a new one. Cheap ones can be found almost anywhere at Halloween.

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Sissy, Have Fun!

Most of all, HAVE FUN on Halloween! You’ve waited all year and now it is YOUR DAY! Have the most glorious Sissy Holiday you can.

Then email me and tell me about it!


Happy Sissy Halloween!

Sissy Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

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