Did you know that some guys and gals call and do not ever intend to have an orgasm? Many of my callers want to talk. Just talk. It is a privilege for me to have such clients. It is a joy that I am thought of as a confidante and even friend to people.

Or, that sometimes a person just cannot get to the place where they cum on the call? Sometimes they are preoccupied with worries or they are unable to maintain an erection or they are uncomfortable letting someone hear them orgasm and wait until the call is over.

All of these reasons and more are why some men and women do not cum while on a Phone Sex call. It seems counterintuitive, for sure, but it is more common than you might think.

No, you do not HAVE to cum on a call! And PLEASE do not fake an orgasm for my benefit! I adore you if you do or do not.

You get to do whatever you need to do on a call. Play with yourself, don’t play with yourself, whichever feels better for you. If you want some female companionship? Here I am! If you want me to tell you a story, I would love to do that for you. Sexy, naughty… stories about sex parties or orgies that I have been to… or just talk about your favorite music and books. I love it all!

If you were hoping for an orgasm but it just isn’t going to happen on the phone, no worries at all! If you cum afterwards, you can email me and let me know what you were thinking about as you came. If you do not orgasm at all, that’s perfect, too!

This is YOUR body, I am here to help you feel good. However that happens.