You remember after Hurricane Irma how I had to have some guys come clean up my yard? Well, needed folks to fix my poor bungalow, too, but nothing naughty happened with that team. But the story I am talking about: Sucking the Yard Boy’s Cock… remember?

Well, before we knew Hurricane Dorian was going to avoid Miami altogether, I assembled a small group of men, hiring them in case I needed them after the hurricane if there was any damage or mess. With Irma, it took weeks on the waiting list before I got my needs met; I was planning ahead this time.

So I hired four men, three Spanish speaking (2 Puerto Ricans and 1 Cuban) and one Haitian speaking some Spanish and his native Creole. It was my own small United Nations get-together. I invited the men over for lunch as soon as Hurricane Dorian looked like it was headed Miami’s way. Along with the Cuban sandwiches and platanos maduros, I paid them a handsome advance.

When we were in the clear, I invited them over for lunch again. They expected me to ask for the money back, but I asked them to do some stuff around the house and yard, things they easily and quickly finished. I fed them a Haitian-oriented meal this time, Diri ak Pwa (Beans & Rice) and Poul nan Sòs (Chicken in Sauce). They loved it!


After everyone was satisfied, I had them sit with me in the living room, two guys on the couch and one on each of the chairs. I sat on the floor in front of the couch. They were not expecting what I put on, but I put on some BBC porn, specifically, orgy BBC porn.

As we watched the porn, they started touching me… fondling me… and I them. It was so delicious, our full bellies and my full hands. And mouth. You know exactly what happened!

It was a wondrous evening with new friends.

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