Masturbate is correct.

BUT, however you spell it, to masturbate is a fun little hobby, isn’t it?

To fondle yourself through your pants, then to put your hand in your pants and shorts… feeling the familiar softness and gradually hardening. Oh, yes, so fucking delicious, yes?

Then you pull your dick out to get to it easier and you just push on it, pull on it a bit. The movements to masturbate are well-rehearsed.

You don’t start pumping until you can’t stand not to anymore. You save that for the last stages of the Masturbate Game.

But, oh, how I love every move in the game. I love the early fondling parts, the timid touchings, then the more aggressive tugs and pulls, then on to when you hold your cock like you mean it. Wrapping your hand around the shaft and jerking off until your head tilts back and you moan as the cum begins to shoot itself out onto your belly.

Rope. Rope. Rope.        rope.              rope.                                  small squirt.                              driblets


Fuck I love watching you masturbate.