It is so hot outside, I have taken to masturbating in the shower.

Cold Water Massage Masturbation

Have you ever taken a cold shower TO masturbate? Not to cool off your hungry desires to orgasm, but to actually enhance the experience? It is definitely a different feeling, but can be quite erotically charged.

And then to masturbate with a hand-held shower massage? Oh yeah, baby. Even better!

Masturbation Placement of Shower Massage

Do you know where to put the shower massage on your cock and balls? Let me give you a tutorial!


The main place someone would put the shower massage if they were masturbating is the FRENULUM… the underside of the penis where the head and shaft meet. The frenulum is extremely sensitive and any pressure feels awesome there. (Like I am telling you anything!) When you put the shower massage on it, holy fuck does it feel good!

Then there is using the massage under your balls… deep under, as if you are trying to hit the base of your shaft. Good lord does that feel good.

Try these different masturbation positions with COLD water jet sprays and tell me what you think of it!