I love spanking bottoms so much! Not just butt bottoms, but submissive bottoms.

Spanking Your Behind!


What tool should I use when I spank your bottom? Should I use a paddle like the image above? Or perhaps a belt? So many options!

I like my hand!

To feel that sting when my hand hits your butt turns me on so much. Does it turn you on, too? The touch between our flesh joining?

I love when my hand makes contact and your bottom bounces that little bit. Small butts are nice enough, but if you have a fleshy ass? The spanking is all the better.

Smooth? Nice to rub my hand around on it, feeling your gooseflesh sprinkle itself upward.

Furry bottom? Mmmmm delicious to feel the different whorls of your curls. Not every hair needs to be removed in order to be submissive. It just means the spanking has to be that much harder to make an impact.

And then there is the TuckingOfTheDickBetweenMyThighs part. Oh, yes… probably the best part, right? You can feel your cock slide up and down between my legs with every whack? So yummy.

Tell me, how do you like your spankings?