One of my favorite party games is to measure cocks and see who has a Big Dick and who has a Little Dick.

Which Are You? Big Dick? Little Dick?

The first thing, of course, is to get participants. Now, every guy who thinks his big dick is awesome is going to volunteer, so I have to guess who has the little dick… the man hanging in the back, hands over his groin, trying to blend in with the curtains… maybe even hiding behind them!

big dick little dick

I tromp my pretty ass over to those men back there and grab their hands and pull them to the front of the room with the brave big dick men… and tell them to strip. It is hilarious as fuck to watch as they turn sheet white first and then flush crimson with shame knowing I am going to see their little dick, right out in the open as everyone else sees it at the same time.

Who Measures UP?

Then when all the victims… er, participants… are lined up in front of the other 40 people at the party, I ask my sissy assistant for a tape measure, please. A soft one, not one of those metal construction ones. Ouchie! And I wiggle my tits and tickle some balls as I bellow to the guys: “PLEASE, GET IT UP!”

Then the measuring begins!

How do YOU measure up?

Big dick? Or little dick?