I mentioned in the Play/Sex Party Afterglow post (links are in BLUE!) that there was a small-dick’d man who I humiliated. I got a lot of requests to expound on that story, so here goes!

Small Penis Humiliation – SPH – In Public!

I was in the shower when I saw the man, about 50 or so, leaning against the wall, looking like he was trying to blend in with the hanging plant above him. I saw his hand covering his groin, a sure sign of a small-dick dude. REAL men hold their cocks in their hands, wield it like a weapon, dangling it and then stroking it to make it get hard, harder, and harder still. At Sex Parties, men loooovvvveeeee walking around with their dicks in their hands, showing it off to everyone… man or woman.

But you SPH boys are different. You think if you use your hand to cover yourself we will not notice. On the contrary, we notice even more that you are ashamed of what you have, that you do not want to show anyone.

Beeline for SPH-ville

Which is my cue to hightail it to you, like I did to this guy. With him, I walked directly to him and demanded that he move his hand. He hesitated until I squinted my eyes and told him louder, to “Move. Your. Hand.” He did and there, somewhere in some forest of pubic hair, was the tiniest hint of the head of something dick-like. I cannot even call it a cock, it was so pitiful.

I called my friends over to watch and commanded him to “Play with yourself, tiny dick man.” He flushed red which made all of us laugh and then he fumbled into his bush to try and find whatever that skin was called in there. When he pulled something out of the mass of hair, I told him he might really consider shaving so he can see his cock easier. He whispered, “Yes, ma’am.”

SPH Squirter

I wanted to see how much (how little!) that little chode could spit, so told him to masturbate like he does in his bed at night and show us what he has to offer a woman. He started rubbing his nubbin –like a CLIT– and I asked if he was really a GIRL in that body. He mumbled about how he masturbates. I had a REAL man show him how to grab a cock and stroke, but he showed me that even with a thumb and forefinger, it was almost too small.

Yeah, we were all laughing and he was squirming more as we laughed. I could see he was totally turned on, but so fucking embarrassed at the same time. I loved it!

Then he came. A tiny teaspoon’s worth of jizz, hardly worth all the effort he was expending. I just shook my head, grabbed a tissue, tore it in half, handed it to him to clean himself up with… and turned away to be with the full-grown dicks at the party.