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I’ve had a few clients recently, talk to me about how they want to serve me, how they want to please me… even turn me on.

Service, at Whose Desire?

Perusing my blog, you can easily see that MSM/Gay Sex is a major turn on to me. I mean, I have only said it about 100 times here already. But, when you are in Service to me, Serving me as a submissive, even an obsequious submissive, does that mean you need to have MSM sex in order to please me?

Listen up, my dear subs… I would never Never NEVER ask something of you that you did not want to do yourself. I would never ask you to have real life sex with a man simply because it turns me on. Real life sex with a man has CONSEQUENCES far, far beyond turning me on. AND, you need to know that if you did it ONLY to please me, but did not want to do it yourself before I came along, then it would not only DISplease me, it would make me crazy sad!

Note this graph from the CDC:

If you got anything… Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), HIV/AIDS, or any number of other diseases you can get from random anonymous MSM sex… FOR ME… I would live with that, even if you never tell me about it, my spirit would know that somewhere, I have caused someone to be sick.

And then there is the What About Your Partner part… what about that?

Am I making my point? If YOU want to do it, I am all for it… suck 20 cocks a day? Wheeee! Enjoy! Get off on being fucked by 10 strangers a week? Awesome.



I adore you all. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE your kinky selves! I think your minds and experiences are fabulous! I think it is an amazing gift to want to Serve me in these ways. But, I refuse these gifts. Show me YOUR pleasures! THOSE are the gifts I want to see.