Play/Sex Party Digs

The thing about Play Parties (BDSM Dungeons) and Sex Parties is they rarely mix. Most Dungeons do not allow intercourse, although sometimes Pegging is allowed.

But the party I went to on Saturday was a great mix between a Dungeon and a Sex Party, mainly because the hosts are kinky folk (code for into BDSM).

play/sex party

This was a surprise to me, so the list I had written out a few days ago was off a bit. Sure, there were distinct places for sex and others for BDSM play, but they melded in the middle into a Play/Sex Party space. I loved it!

Play/Sex Party Naughtiness

I was able to have some serious fun.

I had one woman up in stirrups and dangled a small flogger over her, whacking at her breasts every once in awhile, making her squirm. I loved it. She squirmed a whole lot more when my face went between her legs.

You know I can’t go to a party without sucking some cock. You knew I would before I even left! Don’t rightly know how many, but did not suck ’til orgasm for any of them. Orgasms from me were left for the women I stood over.

Sex Parties are not known for men on men (MSM) behavior, but Play Parties are a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

So when I saw two men jerking each other off, I invited them into the shower with me. They eagerly followed and as I made sure the water was a good temperature, they started playing with my breasts. I laughed, taking my hair and twirling it around into a bun before stepping into the shower. I stood against the cold tile wall and directed the men, taking full advantage of my Domme Self. You can just imagine what all I had them do (scroll through my blog and you will easily know!). I masturbated with the shower massage watching them. It was all rather delicious.

Mmmmm Remembering.

There was more… a sexy massage, a tiny dick’d man who I laughed at and made cum all over himself, making ALL of us laugh even more, and making a new friend with a T-Girl.

Yes, lots and lots of fun was had by all.

I’m still in that Play/Sex Party Afterglow!